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Article Removal Policy

Anime News Network (we/us/our) does not remove articles from the website except under certain very limited circumstances.

We do not remove articles that we believe are true, but contain information that subjects of the articles do not want made public, or do not want made public yet. Once information is public, or once we have received newsworthy information through a non-embargoed source (see our embargo policy), it is our responsibility to report it to our readership. This responsibility to report is paramount, and supersedes any "PR" considerations of the companies or individuals we are writing about.

If we are informed, or come to believe that information on our website is incorrect or misleading, we will post a correction, update or errata. This will be placed in the original article and may also be posted as an additional article. The original version of the article will remain visible to the public in our changelog.

We will remove information from our website under certain circumstances:

  1. We believe the information is a gross violation of a living individual's privacy;
  2. We believe the information may present a danger to one or more individuals;
  3. We believe the information to be libelous*;
  4. We are in breach of an embargo or other legal agreement (eg: an NDA) that we have agreed to;
  5. We receive a court-order or similar from a court or legal body with Jurisdiction in Montreal, Quebec, Canada; we may consider court orders from other jurisdictions, but are under no legal obligation to do so.

*This refers only to libelous statements published by ANN and does not include ANN's reporting on third party allegations that may be libelous, particularly if those allegations were publicly made.

In addition to the above cases, we may also consider removing information if we believe the information in question is harmful to a person's reputation, that person is not a public figure, the information in question is no longer of importance to the public, and sufficient time has passed (typically 7 years). Generally in these cases this will only be done if the article in question is not about the person in question (they are a secondary figure). In these cases, only the person's name will be removed. Please note: As ANN is not a search engine, it is not covered by the EU's "Right to be Forgotten" statute (Article 12 of the Directive 95/46/EC), which applies only to search engines.

Wherever possible, we will chose to remove the offending information from an article as opposed to removing the entire article. Additionally, in cases where the cause for removal may be temporary, the information in question will be added back to the site once the cause for removal is no longer applicable.

Under certain circumstances, our administration may approve the permanent removal of the information from the website and changelog. Please note however that our editors are unable to remove information from the changelog, only our most senior admin staff have the capability to do so.

To have information removed from an article, within our policy above, please contact our editors.

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