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ANIME WORKS (Japanese Animation)

•Jungle Emperor Leo
Click on the link below to view the trailer:
Running Time: 99 Min. Rated: 7+ Format: DVD (Dubbed and Subtitled)
Cat#: AWDVD-0337UPC#: 6-31595-03372-4ISBN#: 1-58655-415-8SRP:
Leo, King of the Jungle, lives at the foot of Moon Mountain. His family life is threatened when a group of humans come in search of Moonlight Stones. Only concerned with money, they have no regard for the jungle. Leo must fight to protect the world he loves, or lose everything! Osamu Tezuka, “The King of Cartoons,” (ASTRO BOY and METROPOLIS) created the Jungle Emperor Leo story. This is the true Lion King!

•Gun Frontier Vol. 4: Guns Blazing (Episodes 11-13)
Running Time: 75 Min. Rated: 16+ Format: DVD (Dubbed and
Cat#: AWDVD-0339 UPC#: 6-31595-03392-2ISBN#: 1-58655-272-4SRP: $24.95
No legend of the Wild West would be complete without a showdown aboard a
moving locomotive! Tochiro vows to put everything on the line to save his
sister and bring an end to the Organization. His enemies are waiting with
an ultimate weapon, capable of turning Tochiro into nothing more than a big
floppy hat resting on the sand.

•Samurai Deeper Kyo Vol. 3: The Sea of Trees (Episodes 11-13)
Running Time: 100 Min. Rated: 16+ Format: DVD (Dubbed and
Cat#: SKDVD-0341UPC#: 6-31595-03412-7ISBN#: 1-58655-371-2SRP:
Deep within the Sea of Trees, a young boy waits for Demon Eyes Kyo. Just
like Kyo, Sasuke wields a katana sword and is rumored to be the Tenrou, one
of the True Muramasa with power to change the world. There is one way to
prove who is the real Tenrou. Lurking in the shadows is the evil army of
Jyunishinshou, and they want to destroy Sasuke and Kyo!

•Mirage of Blaze Vol. 3: Darkness Descends (Episodes 8-10)
Running Time: 75 Min. Rated: 16+ Format: DVD (Dubbed and
Cat#: AWDVD-0340UPC#: 6-31595-03402-8ISBN#: 1-58655-370-4SRP:
To disrupt the advance of the Feudal Underworld, Takaya, Chiaki, Naoe and
Yuzura search Japan for evil spirits. Confused by his relationship with
Takaya, Naoe leaves to track down the Tsutsuga, a soul consuming red beast.
Takaya, still unable to confront his alternate identity as Samurai Kagetora,
meets Ujiteru Hojo. His former brother attempts to bring him back to the
Hojo clan, and Takaya is forced to remember his disturbing past with Naoe.

•Space Pirate Mito: First Season Collection (Episodes 1-13 on 4 discs)
Running Time: 325 Min. Rated: 13+ Format: DVD (Dubbed and
Cat#: AWDVD-0338UPC#: 6-31595-03382-3ISBN#: 1-58655-342-9SRP:
Mito, a three-foot tall alien, is known as a wanted criminal and the
galaxy's most dangerous pirate. But all she really wants is to be called
"Mom." Aoi, her earthbound son, has no idea about his mother's infamous
career. Aoi's in for an adventure that brings him to all corners of the
universe, with the first working mom to carry a pulse rifle!

SHRIEK SHOW (Live Action Thriller/Horror/Giallo)

•Flesh For The Beast
Click on the link below to view the trailer:
Running Time: 90 min. Rated: RFormat: DVD
(English Language)
Cat#: SSDVD-0326UPC#: 6-31595-03269-7ISBN#: 1-58655-417-4SRP:
The landmark first original Shriek Show production, FLESH FOR THE BEAST
promises to be a feast for horror fans around the world! Written and
directed by Terry M. West, an award-winning horror novelist and filmmaker,
the film features a cast of talented actors with cameo appearances by genre
veterans Caroline Munro and Aldo Sanbrell.

At the turn of the century, an occultist named Alfred Fischer conjures up a
brothel of ravenous demons in a bizarre ritual. Taking the form of
beautiful women, the beasts demand a diet of fresh human prey. Almost a
century after Fischer meets his mysterious end, a team of parapsychologists
investigate his manor for signs of restless sprits. In no time they are
besieged by sexy demons, a madman with a secret past, and a horde of
slaughtering zombies!

•Flesh For The Beast--Uncut
Running Time: 90 min. Not RatedFormat: DVD
(English Language)
Cat#: SSDVD-0327UPC#: 6-31595-03279-6ISBN#: 1-58655-418-2SRP:
The gruesome uncut version of the film! Plus exclusive extras including the
original theatrical trailer, a featurette, interviews with the cast and
crew, as well as an in-depth look at the movie's special effects.

•Bronx Warriors
Running Time: 89 min. Not RatedFormat: DVD
(Italian/English Subtitled)
Cat#: SSDVD-0329UPC#: 6-31595-03299-4ISBN#: 1-58655-487-5SRP:
In post-apocalyptic New York City, a beautiful young girl named Ann runs
away from her home, leaving the safe-haven of Manhattan. With a ruthless
bounty hunter on her trail, she makes the deadly mistake of escaping to the
forbidden zone of the Bronx, a no-man's wasteland of warriors and gangs.
When Ann meets gang leader Trash, he decides to protect her and wage an
all-out guerilla war!

From Director Enzo G. Castellari (KEOMA, ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX), Producer
Fabrizio De Angelis (ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX, Shriek Show's ZOMBIE 2, ZOMBIE
HOLOCAUST) and cinematographer Sergio Salvati (ZOMBIE 2, THE BEYOND).
Starring Mark Gregory, Stefania Girolami Goodwin, Fred Williamson, and Vic

TOKYO SHOCK (Live Action/Martial Arts)

•The Keiyta Amimya Collection: Hakaider, Zeiram 2, and Moon Over Tao (3
disc set)
Running Time: 273 min. Not RatedFormat: DVD
(Japanese Language/ English Subtitled)
Cat#: TSDVD-0311UPC#: 6-31595-03118-8ISBN#: 1-58655-484-0SRP:
Three classic Keiyta Amimya action masterpieces! In Hakaider, a machine
built for war must choose between defending peace or causing destruction.
Iria returns to fight a renegade space alien in Zeiram 2. Finally, in the
epic fantasy Moon Over Tao, a drunken monk, a loyal samurai and a little
girl risk it all to save medieval Japan from a demonic monster.

•Bounce KO Gals
Click on the link below to view the trailer:
Running Time: 109 min. Not RatedFormat: DVD (English
Cat#: TSDVD-0312UPC#: 6-31595-03128-7ISBN#: 1-58655-488-3SRP:
Masato Harada's BOUNCE KO GALS is a gritty coming-of-age-story about three
teenage girls on the subsidized dating circuit. At risk from angry clients,
drug dealers, and the mob, they find themselves as they live their way of
life on the night streets.

KITTYMEDIA (Adult Animation)
•My Sexual Harassment
Running Time: 90 min. Rated: 18+ Sexually Explicit Format: DVD
(Dubbed and Subtitled)
Cat#: KVDVD-0309UPC#: 6-31595-03096-9ISBN#: N/ASRP: $29.95
Mochizuchi is a young office worker with a knack for falling into bed with
his coworkers, clients and bosses. Kept under the thumb of his supervisor,
Honma, Mochizuchi does his best to keep the office running smoothly.


Running Time: 70 min. Not RatedFormat: DVD
(English Language)
Cat#: GPDVD-0308UPC#: 6-31595-03085-3ISBN#: 1-58655-486-7SRP:
A grindhouse ‘Adults Only’ classic from cult filmmaker Nick Phillips
(FRAULEIN LEATHER, CRIMINALLY INSANE 1 & 2), and starring the beautiful Elke
Cole. BRIGITTA offers a swinging and stimulating glimpse into the erotic
fantasies and carnal conquests of 60's swingers!

•Nudes on Credit
Running Time: 70 min. Not RatedFormat: DVD
(English Language)
Cat#: GPDVD-0307UPC#: 6-31595-03075-4ISBN#: 1-58655-485-9SRP:
When two con men, Archie and Hermie, find an attaché case containing several
mysterious documents and credit cards, they have no idea that the case
belongs to a murdered spy and contains secret plans for Russian world
conquest! While the KGB launches a search for the briefcase, Archie becomes
smitten with a curvy blond named Magnolia, and Archie and Hermie follow her
to America. Will Archie be able to save the free world and find true love?

From cult Director Nick Phillips, NUDES ON CREDIT is a burlesque-style
action comedy featuring pin-up Lisa Palmer, Joey Benson (BLOOD OF GHASTLY
HORRORS) and comic Hermie Rose.

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