Witch Hunter Robin Promotion


Anime Fans will get their chance to win a copy of Witch Hunter Robin this Halloween!

Cypress, CA (September 23, 2003) – Bandai Entertainment announced today the launch of “So You Want to be a Witch Hunter” online promotion in conjunction with the upcoming DVD release of Shukou Murase's Witch Hunter Robin anime series. Fans of anime are encouraged to surf over to www.witchhunteronline.com where they will be given an opportunity to “Join the Hunt” and experience the world of Witch Hunter Robin and enter a sweepstakes to win a Witch Hunter Robin Prize pack including the first DVD, t-shirts, theatrical poster!

The promotion is scheduled to begin September 23th, 2003 and will last until October 31st, 2003. For official rules and sweepstakes entry, please visit www.witchhunteronline.com.

Enter the world of Witch Hunter Robin…

In a world where witches abuse their supernatural powers, a special team is tasked with hunting this new threat to society. This organization is known as the STN and comprises of several highly skilled craft users and experts in covert operations. But their most powerful craft user is a young woman named Robin. Her mysterious gift to summon deadly flames will determine the fates of her colleagues and lead her into a dark world of mystique and witchcraft!

Witch Hunter Robin © 2002- 2003 Sunrise

Manufactured and Distributed by Bandai Entertainment, Inc in North America

All Rights Reserved

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