Guardians Of Order Announces BESM Third Edition


Guardians Of Order, Inc. proudly announced today that it will publish
a third edition of its tremendously popular Japanese anime and manga
role-playing game, Big Eyes, Small Mouth (or BESM), in late 2004.
Industry veteran David L. Pulver, widely regarded as one of the
industry's best game designers, is directing the Big Eyes, Small Mouth
"BESM has been our flagship publication since the inception of the
company," said Guardians Of Order President, Mark C. MacKinnon, "and we
are grateful for the support that the tens of thousands of BESM fans
have given us over the years. As the strongest bridge between
role-players and the anime/manga fandom, BESM plays a vital role in the
growth of both communities. BESM Third Edition must therefore live up
to the greatest of expectations, and we are all eager to confront that
challenge with a bold new approach to design innovation, world
development, and graphic appeal."

Big Eyes, Small Mouth
BESM is a comprehensive point-based RPG inspired by the dynamic
settings and stories found in a wide range of anime shows and manga
comics, allowing players to create characters from any genre or
sub-genre. Comedy or horror, fantasy or science-fiction, mecha action
or passionate romance ... if you can imagine it, you can play it.
BESM debuted to much critical acclaim in 1997, earning an Origins
Award nomination for the Best RPG of the Year. In 2000, BESM solidified
its position as a leading cinematic multi-genre game system with the
release of a Second Edition that earned two additional Origins Award
nominations for Best RPG and Best Graphic Design. The Third Edition
will feature an expanded and streamlined version of the Tri-Stat
System, offering enhanced character options without sacrificing ease of
use. Additionally, modular toolkits for races, occupations, and
archetypes will make the game faster and easier for new players to
explore, helping them turn their initial concepts into final character
Over the coming months, Guardians Of Order will showcase BESM Third
Edition on its website ( and message boards
(, with designer notes, FAQs, game
mechanics updates, art samples, and previews of BESM's new infinite
cross-dimensional setting, the Multiverse.

Guardians Of Order
Founded in 1997, Guardians Of Order, Inc. is a Canadian publishing
company specialising in Japanese anime and superheroic role-playing
games, as well as licensed resource and reference books. In addition to
their Origins Award-nominated Big Eyes, Small Mouth anime RPG and
Silver Age Sentinels superhero RPG, they publish licensed fan guides
and RPGs based on: popular anime series (Neon Genesis Evangelion,
Trigun, Hellsing, Fushigi Yugi, The Slayers, and others); George R. R.
Martin's epic fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire (summer
2004); and DC Comics'/WildStorm's acclaimed superhero series, The
Authority and StormWatch (spring 2004). Guardians Of Order is
headquartered in Guelph, Ontario. For more information, contact
Guardians Of Order at [email protected], or visit the company's
website at

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