Corsham and Mad House in Talks to Co-Produce Natural Born Kittens


Corsham Entertainment have great pleasure in announcing that they have agreed in principal that Japanese anime production company Madhouse will produce Corsham's 26 half hour teen plus comedy anime series Natural Born Kittens.

Corsham Entertainment is the UK production company founded by Oscar-winning Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz and Bionicle co-creator Alastair Swinnerton, while Madhouse are probably the best known Japanese animation studio, with credits ranging from feature films Ninja Scroll, Metropolis, Vampire Hunter D, Animatrix, Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers to TV series Cardcaptors and Beyblade. Corsham recently sold their first show, the 2D/CGI half hour Christmas special ‘The Tale of Jack Frost’, to the BBC.

Natural Born Kittens is the brainchild of UK anime artist Larry Bundy Jr., and centers around the anarchic activities of four ancient Egyptian cat goddesses posing as teenage schoolgirls in low rent suburbia, with the ensuing mayhem making South Park look like Noddy. The Natural Born Kittens website is one of the UK's most visited anime sites, with more than half a million hits a year. Scripts will be written in the UK and the US, while the rest of the production will be handled entirely in Japan by Madhouse.

Corsham had previously announced that San Francisco production company Wildbrain were on board the show; according to Corsham's Alastair Swinnerton, 'we are still hopeful that Wildbrain can be a part of NBK – they are a hugely talented company, and Corsham, Madhouse and Wildbrain would be a great team.'

According to Shinichi Kobayashi, CEO of Madhouse, 'Natural Born Kittens is a great combination of Western and Japanese animation – we are very excited about the prospects for the series.' In fact, Corsham Entertainment believes that this will be the first ever genuine UK/Japanese anime co-production.

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