JAST USA Announces X-Change 3


San Diego, CA, Tuesday, July 13, 2004 - JAST USA, the leading licensor and distributor of adult English-language dating-sim games for PCs, announced that it had licensed X-Change 3 for release outside of Japan.

X-Change 3, the third interactive dating-sim game in the popular series by Japanese game maker Crowd, once again follows the exploits of Takuya Aihara, the boy who twice before was changed into a girl through chemistry accidents. Years have passed since Takuya's adventures as a girl, but Koji, the boy who fell in love with female Takuya, has never forgotten his passion. Will his attempts to turn Takuya into a girl once again lead to more exciting adventures?

The game, which will be distributed on DVD-ROM, is currently being ported by JAST USA and Peach Princess. X-Change 2 has been the longest and most complex dating-sim game to be ported to English so far, with 23 unique endings and 35,000 lines of text. X-Change 3 will add even more rich complexity to the sex-changing comedy game series.

In addition to X-Change 3, JAST USA and Peach Princess announced availability of the long-awaited Gibo - Stepmother's Sin, another English-translated interactive PC game in which you play Yusuke, a boy who witnessed his mother's infidelity at a young age. Now, your father has remarried, and suddenly you have a young, beautiful new stepmother. What will ensue as you explore the true nature of your beautiful new mother? A complex Freudean adventure with many twists, turns and off-color human in the tradition of interactive PC games for adults.

JAST USA and Peach Princess have been licensing and distributing English-language bishoujo games since 1998. Crowd is a popular Japanese bishoujo game company based in Hokkaido, Japan, whose games include the X-Change series, Tokimeki Check in! and Brave Soul, a full-featured scrolling fantasy RPG for adults.

Distribution information available through PCR Distributing Co.

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