Tokyopop Announced Sokora Refugees

Nov 1st 2004

Los Angeles, CA (November 1, 2004)— TOKYOPOP Inc., the #1 leading manga publisher outside of Japan proudly introduces an all-new must-read series entitled Sokora Refugees, colonizing bookstores everywhere in April 2005. An uproarious story by up-and-coming manga creators Segamu and Melissa DeJesus, Sokora Refugees is a spectacularly addicting fanservice extravaganza featuring nymphs, elves, goyles, vampires, and a notoriously lazy heroine who is forced to time-share her body with an unnaturally powerful - and unusually buxom - sorceress! Filled with witty dialogue, intriguing art and sexy characters, Sokora Refugees will surely appeal to fans of both American Pie and Lord of the Rings.

Through a portal in their dorm shower, Kana and her sexy schoolgirl companions are lured into an inept rebellion to liberate Sokora (the elfin homeworld) from demonic invaders. Unfortunately for the residents of Sokora, their would-be savior Kana can't even be trusted to wake herself up and get to school on time...

“These creators are real stars! I just love this book,” said TOKYOPOP editor Rob Valois. “Sokora Refugees is so much more than just panty shots and shower scenes. This spring, fans can expect a great story about self-discovery – in every sense of the word!”

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