Infinity Studios Announced Fighting!! Guidance

A Whole New Life but the Same Old Troubles~!
El Cerrito, CA – December 10, 2004 El Today, Infinity Studios LLC announces they will be publishing Fighting!! Guidance, a non-stop action thriller by Eom Hye-jin & Jeon Geuk-jin.

Organized crime has always been an issue in Asia and one of the underlying roots of the problem stems from the sophistication of the youth delinquency. At virtually every school in Korea, male students almost always have “organized” fights at the beginning of each school year to pick the “captains” of each grade level. In essence, these “captains” became the kingpin boss and unless you were stronger then him, you did everything he told you to. Now occasionally, you'll run across brazen “captains” that try to take over the “territory” of other schools (Territories being places where you could hang out, pick up girls, etc), and you'll see inter-school brawls involving massive gangs.

Fighting!! Guidance takes you into the life of Ghang-hyun former delinquent who decided to wash his hands clean of pointless fights. He gives up the life as one of the highest ranked regional fighters to go to a good school start anew… but of course fate would have it that he ends up being dragged into fights one way or another. Join Ghang-hyun and his newly found best friend, Hyun-ha in an action packed comedy drama that'll keep you guessing!

Infinity Studios LLC is a new and upcoming publisher of Korean manhwa and Japanese manga. With the goal of becoming the premiere provider of best selling manhwas and mangas, Infinity Studios LLC strives to publish only the highest quality books.

Fighting!! Guidance # 1 will be available in April 2005. Each 200 page graphic novel will be priced at $9.95. Visit for more detailed series information.

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