Ohayocon Gears up for Gaming


COLUMBUS, OH -- May 2, 2005 -- Gaming fans from all over the Midwest and the country are planning to flock to the one hundred thousand (100,000) square foot "Gaming Zone" at this year's Ohayocon, an anime convention taking place January 6th-8th, 2006 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

The Gaming Zone will feature over fifty stations of console gaming from the Sony Playstation2, Microsoft X-box, Nintendo Gamecube, and many other numerous retro-console systems; a complete package of "rhythm and dance" games such as Dance Dance Revolution, Pump it Up, Beatmania, and Samba de Amigos; a huge role-playing game area promising a wide spectrum of different genres of role-playing; and an immense customizable card game (CCG) presence, promising multiple major tournaments from Magic: the Gathering to Yu-Gi-Oh.

The event in the Gaming Zone that has gaming fans in a frenzy, however, is the Ohayocon LAN - which will be a truly staggering sight to behold when hundreds upon hundreds of computer gamers will come together from across the Midwest and the country, bringing their computers and playing against each other in games ranging from Warcraft 3 to Unreal Tournament 2004, to Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, to name but a few.

"Ohayocon is pleased to be bringing the largest gaming presence of any anime convention in the entire United States, " says Adam Beaton, chairman and CEO of Ohayocon, LLC. "We've been gradually building our gaming fan base for years, and the demand for more gaming has been overwhelming. We're confident in bringing in almost one thousand LAN gamers alone to the Gaming Zone. Our Ohayocon LAN is going to be the largest LAN event ever hosted in Ohio, and is already being considered one of the largest LAN events in the entire Midwest."

"This is going to be awesome!", Frank Jackson, 19, of Ft. Worth, Indiana exclaimed. "I'm telling all my friends and every gamer I know that they need to be at Ohayocon this Columbus. I'm already planning on going, with or without them!"

"We're working with multiple companies to make Ohayocon's Gaming Zone a truly great place for the gamer," Beaton said. "Ohayocon is proud to have the largest gaming presence of any convention of our kind, and we plan on having the best presence as well. That's a title that we don't plan on giving up anytime soon."

In its six years of existence, Ohayocon has grown from a small, regional anime convention to a large draw for fans from across the country, attracting fans from as far away as California, Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts.

"Our growth has been, to put it mildly, exponential," says Beaton. "With an expected turnout of over seven thousand (7,000) people, we've grown faster than any other anime convention in the Midwest, we're the largest winter event of our kind, and we've also become one of the largest anime conventions in the Midwest."

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