ALC Publishing Drops Prices For Summer Yuri Blowout


ALC Publishing Drops Prices For Summer Yuri Blowout!

East Orange

ALC Publishing is proud to announce that Shoujoai no Bokuin, written
by our very own president, Erica Friedman; is now available for

This novel, illustrated by Kelli Nicely, tells the story of out
lesbian pop idol, Yuriko. As part of a new reality show, she has to go
back to high school. Will she be able to balance homework, the demands
of her idol lifestyle, and her new classmates' drama?

Right now, Shoujai no Bokuin is available for preorder online at the
Yuricon shop( at the low price of $10.
That's a savings of 38% off the cover price. However, this price is
only available to those who pre-order the book, so act quickly.

Shoujoai no Bokuin has joined ALC Publishing's list, joining such works as Yuri Monogatari 1 and 2 and
Rica'tte Kanji?!

But, if you want to meet the author in person, Shojoai no Bokuin will be sold at this year's Otakon!!! Creator Erica Friedman and some of the Yuricon staff will be selling this and other ALC publishing material at table 408 in the Dealer's Room. Otakon will taking place August 19-21 at the Baltimore Convention Center. We'll see you there!

ALC Publishing was founded in 2003 as the publishing arm of Yuricon,
with a mission to bring high quality yuri publications to the worldwide
English speaking audience.
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For further information contact:
Edmund Eddings
Public Relations
[email protected]

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