EigoManga to Create Manga Based off American Fiction Novel


eigoMANGA STUDIOS chooses comic book writing newcomer, Natashia McGough and superstar comic book artist, Jeremy Ray to create a new manga adaptation of the highly acclaimed novel originally written by Stephen Antczak. Jeremy Ray lends his manga penciling skills while Natashia serves as the writer for the manga adaptation. Jeremy is known for his contributing artwork in the Final Fantasy video game franchise. He was also the design artist for "The Matrix" trilogies as well as the concept artist of "The Final Flight of the Osiris" part of the "Animatrix" animation series. Jeremy's manga work is also featured in the eigoMANGA 's RUMBLE PAK publication series.

The original God Drug novel was inspired by the punk rock and the psychedelic drug scenes in modern society however; Natashia pledges to take the God Drug manga into a different direction. She believes that the hidden message within the story is about giving birth to new realities. She also wants to gi ve the characters more complex and multi-dimensional roles. “It's not a black and white world. Everything has shades of grey. Even within darkness there is still purity and beauty within that”, states Natashia.

”I let Natashia do her thing her way. The God Drug manga isn't my book, it's her's and the artist's now”, claims novelist and creator, Stephen Antczak. He fully supports eigoMANGA STUDIOS' initiative to create a manga adaptation out of God Drug, “I felt like the story lent itself to the manga world. It could not have been done as an American style comic, in my opinion. Yes, it will be tough, but that's what will make it a kick-ass manga...it will take passion and creativity to make it work”.

eigoMANGA STUDIOS recently launched the official God Drug website at www.GodDrug.com. The site features online comic book previews and insight on the God Drug story. The God Drug manga series will be released in eigoMANGA's RUMBLE PAK series starting in November 2005.

eigoMANGA STUDIOS is a business to business production and marketing consulting firm specializing in producing anime and manga projects for clients looking for custom-brand anime themes for their marketing and business needs. eigoMANGA STUDIOS is a subsidiary of eigoMANGA Ltd.
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