Super Techno Arts to Release JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Volume 5

The fifth volume in the JoJo series will be available September 20, 2005

FAIRFIELD, CA – August 24, 2005 – Super Techno Arts is pleased to announce the release of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Volume 5 on Tuesday, September 20 at a retail price of $24.99. This volume contains the following two episodes:

Adventure 10 - D'Arby the Gambler
Seeking information on Dio's whereabouts, the companions encounter a gambler named D'Arby who claims to have the information they need. The catch is, they have to beat him in the ultimate wager-one where their very souls are at stake! Can the Joestar party outwit a master gambler at his own game?

Adventure 11 - Dio's "The World" - The Warrior of the Void - Iced
Jotaro and his companions finally arrive at Dio's lair and find their way to the room where his coffin resides. Just as they prepare to strike the fatal blow, Dio's mysterious Stand powers, coupled with that of his finest assassin, Iced, slay one of the party before the group's horrified eyes. But even that doesn't quench Dio's thirst for blood...

Fans of the series may recognize these as part of the original OVA series created with traditional hand-inked and painted cel animation. The first three volumes of the English release were created with digital techniques.

DVD Extras include an exclusive “JoJo Timeline” featurette that illustrates the history of Dio and the Joestars, a full-length, storyboard-enhanced version of Adventure 10, line art gallery, interviews with the director of the anime and the original creator of the manga, translator's notes and a trailer for Volume 6.

Format: DVD
Running Time (excluding extras): 70 minutes
Age Rating: Unrated. Suggested 16+. Contains animated violence and brief nudity
UPC Code: 982693000058, Catalog #: STAJBA-05
Street Date: 9/24/2005
SRP: $24.99

About Super Techno Arts
Super Techno Arts (STA) was established in 1996 to facilitate North American marketing and distribution for the APPP Company, a Tokyo-based animation planning and production firm. STA provides the North American Video Market with English-language DVD releases of APPP's animated theatrical, television, and direct-to-video productions. Future releases include Robot Carnival, Sci-Fi Harry and Shadow.

For more information, contact: Mark Giambruno, Super Techno Arts, [email protected] or visit

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