JAPAN - SEPT. 14, 2005 - "Rock trio shocked fans and took the music industry by surprise yesterday, announcing that they are to break up after six successful years. A greatest hits album - "Do The A-Side" - is due for release on September 28 and the group announced through the Avex record label that they will disband the following day. The group will get back together for a one-off gig at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on November 25. The members each plan to pursue new projects and feel that breaking up the band is the natural next step. Vocalist Ban Tomiko (26) will record solo, guitarist Owatari Ryo (34) will continue his work singing and strumming with the band Missile Innovation, and songwriter Nagao Dai (34) will work as a producer and composer, particularly for the Avex female artist Amasia Landscape. Ban in particular has been diversifying in the last year or so, making her debut as a voice actress in last year's Inuyasaha anime movie, and recently appearing in a stage musical about Che Guevara. Do As Infinity debuted in 1999 after having played over a hundred times as a street band in Tokyo's youth mecca of Shibuya. In 2001, they had two No.1 albums in "New World" and "Deep Forest." Nagao began concentrating on songwriting for other Avex label artists such as Hamasaki Ayumi (27) and left the other two to do the stage performances"


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