Infinity Studios Acquires Blood Alone

El Cerrito, CA – September 26th, 2005 Today, Infinity Studios LLC is proud to announce that it has acquired the rights for Blood Alone by Masayuki Takano.

There have been numerous vampire titles up until now, but none have ever been as beautiful or as touching as Blood Alone. The words elegance and beauty are simply not enough to describe this series.

Enter Misaki, perhaps the most innocent and most sincere young lady there ever was. It's almost inconceivable that she could be a vampire. And with her powers as a vampire, she could easily entice any human to do her biding… but she chooses not to. Especially when it comes to Kuroe, a young author who has a deep running past with vampires. This wonderful story of pure innocent love charmingly bonds Misaki to the readers. She'll absolutely delight you with her earnest love for a human and her resolve to protect a willing mutual relationship versus turning Kuroe.

The only thing that could make this series better than it already is, is to present it in an innovative way. Masayuki Takano does exactly that by switching back and forth from the traditional framed artwork with non-framed artwork. In addition, each volume is offered with the most gorgeous slip covers along with beautiful color inserts. And as always, each volume will grace Infinity Studios LLC's high quality, white paper (woodfree).

Please be sure to check out the first 10 pages by clicking on the "view contents" button on the product descriptions page for Blood Alone Volume 1!

Blood Alone # 1 will be available in January 2006 at Borders, Walden Bookstores, your local comic book stores, and on the Infinity Studios website. Each volume will be priced at $9.95.

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