BEI Prepares Avenger with Website Launch



CYPRESS, CA, September 28, 2005 – Bandai Entertainment announced today the launch of the official North American website for the upcoming anime series, Avenger. Located on the world wide web at, the website boasts a vast array of information for fans about Koichi Mashimo's (.hack//SIGN) new series and DVD information.

Years into the future, colonies have been established on Mars. Resources on the planet are thin and domed cities have resorted to a gladiatorial contest between the cities to determine which of them receives the most rations. Layla Ashley is the gladiator for Serena City and a powerful Barbaroi fighter with a vengeful and mysterious past. And with dark times falling, she roams the Martian landscape seeking answers and a send of cold vengeance that suits her moniker as an Avenger. A new era is about to begin…

Fans of Japanese animation will find full story and background information for Koichi Mashimo's Avenger anime series. Other website features include character background, glossary, US and Japanese creative and cast credits, DVD information, trailers, and downloadable content.

The upcoming AVENGER Collection will contain all 13 episodes collected within an exclusive collector's tin case. The DVD will feature both Japanese and English language tracks including English subtitle option. The animation will be presented in its original 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen presentation with plenty of DVD supplementary features like Image Gallery and Trailers included. DVD release date is set for October 25th.

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