Right Stuf Launches Special Anime Expo 2006 Anime Today

Grimes, IA July 7, 2006 – The Right Stuf International (“TRSI”), anime producer and mega-online anime retailer, announced today it has launched a special episode of Anime Today, the first ever commercial podcast aimed at Japanese animation (“anime”) and manga enthusiasts, covering the biggest anime convention in the US – Anime Expo!

Anime Today is rated one of the top 100 podcasts of all TV & Movie podcasts subscriptions on Apple's iTunes – competing against major podcasts by corporate moguls such as Cartoon Network, Fox, and HBO. Anime Today fans have been raving about the show since its initial debut last November. “Reviews, News and Japanese culture that is engaging and is produced well. How did you guys know exactly what I wanted in an anime podcast?!” posted one reviewer on iTunes.

This special episode will feature field footage taken by Shawne and Lisa Marie as they had the opportunity to meet and talk to fans from around the world at Anime Expo 2006. Also included is a recording of Right Stuf's own industry panel as well as interviews with con-goers and cos-players.

In episode 18, the special Anime Expo edition of Anime Today you'll find:

* Chad's update on the latest news on what's hot in the world of anime.
* Shawne talks about his new Specials and our latest “Geek Out Over These Savings!” sale for Media Blasters products.
* Judy-sensei has a new “Mini Japanese 101 Lesson” on indicating object possession so you can say “that's MINE!” at your next convention!
* Listen in on Right Stuf's industry panel from Anime Expo hosted by Shawne! He'll answer fan questions and talk about our latest acquisition announcement: Super GALS Season 2!
* The Production Team follows up with additional details on the production of the Super GALS series which is set for release this December.
* Rich reveals the lucky winners of June's special contest.
* Check out what the fans had to say about Anime Expo and anime in general as our agent in the field - Lisa Marie Cooper – talks to fans at the convention!

You can find this episode, as well as an archive of all Anime Today episodes and extended show notes, at http://www.RightStuf.com

About Podcasting
The term ‘Podcasting’ is a blend of Apple's ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcasting’, and is a blanket term used to describe a collection of technologies for automatically distributing audio and video programs over the internet via a publish and subscribe model. Anime Today can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Music Store and directly from the company's website at www.rightstuf.com, and the podcast can be played on a variety of PC MP3 players and hand held devices, including the Apple iPod.

About The Right Stuf International
Founded in 1987, The Right Stuf International (“TRSI”) was one of the first players in the US Japanese Animation (“anime”) industry. Both a giant online anime/manga retailer and a US Producer of anime, TRSI works to promote knowledge of its own products as well as information about the anime/manga industry in general. On the production side, TRSI is dedicated to creating the highest quality products and selects only a limited number of anime titles to focus on each year. With a product line ranging from anime classics like Astro Boy, Kimba, and Gigantor to the most modern comedies and dramas such as His or Her Circumstances, Gravitation, Shingu, and Ninja Nonsense. TRSI produces quality anime for fans of all ages! For more information, visit us on the web at http://www.rightstuf.com.

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