Anime at Gen Con Indy

Anime is growing at Gen Con! What started as 24-hour video rooms will
now be
a full-service anime convention inside Gen Con. There will be anime
videos, new anime premiers, industry panels, karaoke, cosplay and
else you�d expect from a comprehensive anime program.

Some of the new anime programming elements:
* Anime Artists' Alley
We�ve got some space set aside for all your amateur and aspiring
to come together and get some recognition for your work � whether you
paint, sew or write. Come on in and check it out!
* Anime Music Videos
We will show a collection of the best anime music videos we can find,
beloved classics and the most exciting new creations.
* Cosplay Events!
It�s just not an anime convention without costumes and we�ll have
plenty of
events for cosplay fans. The official Gen Con Costume Contest,
its 29th year, will feature a new anime/video game specific category
and we
will have other events as well. Make sure to check back in frequently
more news � and send us your ideas!
* Karaoke
Come and sing your favorite anime and j-pop songs. You know you wanna.
* Manga Library
Spend some time with all those manga you�ve been meaning to check out
haven�t had a chance to. We�ll have an extensive library that includes
the big hits and the obscure titles everyone keeps telling you to read.
* Seminars
Whether hosted by industry representatives or your fellow fans, this
where you�re going to want to go to get the latest news and info on
and manga.
* Video Programming
This is the foundation of any anime convention. Watch your old
favorites or
get a chance to get a peak at upcoming releases.

All anime events are free and open to anyone with a normal Gen Con
For this year we�ll be offering a limited number of special anime-only
badges. The anime-only badge will allow you to attend ONLY anime
events, but
it�s a great way to check out our new events if you haven�t been to a
Con before. Make sure to register now and get your own while they are

Pre-registration Prices
4-day: $25
1-day: (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday): $20
On-site Prices
4-day: $35
1-day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday): $30

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