Phoenix Anime Fest honors its new guest, Kaiju Big Battel

Phoenix, Arizona - Mutant monsters are descending on Phoenix, Arizona and they are looking to leave a path of destruction in their wake! Phoenix Anime Fest is honored to welcome as our guests, a rare appearance from Kaiju Big Battel. Who knows what kind of chaos and terror the monsters are going to cause. Don't miss out on the fun!

Kaiju Big Battle joins Tsutomu Nihei, Kate Higgins, Spike Spencer as our Guest of Honor.

Visit our website at and join us on Myspace at for more announcements and details about this exciting event!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

About Phoenix Anime Fest

Phoenix Anime Fest is an annual anime and manga convention located at the Wyndham Hotel in Phoenix Arizona. Phoenix Anime Fest is only minutes away from the Sky Harbor Airport and located in growing downtown Phoenix. Phoenix Anime Fest is December 1st – 3rd, 2006. Join Anime Fans in meeting our wide range of guests, cosplay, relax in our 24 hour video rooms and shop in our spacious dealer's room. Join our Myspace account and forums to keep up to date on our exciting events. See you in December!

About Kaiju Big Battel
Kaiju Big Battel is a modern conflict of epic proportions. Planet Earth is under threat: scattered throughout the galaxy is a monstrous mob of maniacal villains, menacing alien beasts, and giant, city-crushing monsters that are waging war against one another. Presiding over this mayhem is the Kaiju Commissioner, an enigmatic human-arbiter appointed by a clandestine cadre of world leaders to regulate Kaiju rage. If the Kaiju Commissioner doesn't do his job perfectly the entire world could get caught in the crossfire.

Currently, the Kaiju Universe maintains an active roster of approximately 30 monsters, including a blue alien-glutton named Sky Deviler, a factory-worker-turned-soup-can called Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, a dirty hare-sage dubbed Dusto Bunny, Uchu Chu the Space Bug (self-explanatory), and a despicable, square-headed mad scientist known as Dr. Cube. In addition to the Kaiju Commissioner, a few other privileged humans also get a piece of the action, including Referee Jingi, a mustachioed official who enforces fairness and civility in the ring, Anthony Salbino, an urban renewal expert who reconstructs crumbled cityscapes between Battels, and one tuxedo-wearing, mouth-running MC.

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