New York - Tokyo Music Festival 2006

New York - Tokyo (NYT), Fujisankei Communications International (FCI) and Sharp Electronics Corporation team up to bring you the New York–Tokyo Music Festival 2006 on Saturday, September 30, 2006 at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park – a free, all-day, open-air music festival that will showcase the most inspired artistic talent from the East and the West.

This year's festival focuses on artists that are currently breaking new ground in emerging musical subgenres, ranging from Turntablism to Dancehall, Hip-hop to Progressive Jazz. It will establish a cultural and creative bridge between the U.S. and Japan, centered around the universal language of music provided by HIFANA (Break Beats – 21st century Japan's most anticipated artist), PE'Z (Samurai Jazz – Japan's No. 1 Instrumentalists), and MIGHTY CROWN (Dancehall Reggae – 4-time world champion) from Japan, as well as DJ A-TRAK (Turntablism – Kanye West's live DJ) and TALIB KWELI (Hip-hop – Brooklyn-bred prodigy) from the United States.

Prior to an exciting evening of music, the afternoon will feature high-energy performances by worldly B-boy groups and traditional New Age Japanese instrumentalists.

In addition, The New York–Tokyo Music Festival will concurrently be showcasing the 2006 collection of the year's best MUSIC, GAME, and ANIME. MUSIC – we will be introducing the top music videos from Japan, showing the uniqueness of the current scene in Japan. GAME – we will be presenting our own event of EA's “Def Jam: Fight for NY,” featuring Def Jam artists in furious battle. ANIME – we will be holding a preview of Gonzo-produced “Afro Samurai,” an animation series aired on Spike TV, starring Samuel L. Jackson and the music of RZA.

Lastly, the Festival welcomes all attendees with our one-of-a-kind exhibition. Uniqlo will be showcasing its “from Tokyo to NY” fashion in a real-size container. And of course, we won't forget to have our Game Pavilion, featuring the pre-releases and recently released titles from each publisher, as New York – Tokyo's monthly game event GNG celebrates its 3rd year anniversary.

By combining two varying cultures in the greatest outdoor venue in New York City, the Festival aims to highlight the influences, fascination and respect both nations have and share with each other. Festival-goers of all ages will experience first hand, a deeper appreciation of the music, dance, fine art, animation, fashion, and food of Japan and the Far East.

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