JoyRide adds rare incentive to participate in SDS pre-release

CHARLOTTE, NC -- October 20, 2006 -- It's still not too late to sign up to run a Seven Deadly Sins pre-release tournament in your store! And now, JoyRide is upping the ante and offering even more exclusive prizes to participating players and tournament organizers. As if exclusive promo cards, getting a chance to see a new set of cards early, and Transmutation binders for prizes weren't enough, JoyRide Entertainment is now offering a very special prize for tournament organization and participation - and it's one that has never been offered before.

JoyRide has extra copies of The Seven Deadly Sins transmutation proof sheets, which you can view here ( There are fewer than 10 of these sheets in existence, and they're the ultimate collector's item for FMA TCG fans. Each contains two copies of the nine transmutation cards in Seven Deadly Sins and will be an instant collector's item.

There are three ways to obtain one of these rare sheets:

First, three (3) sheets will be given to the three State Alchemists who run the largest tournaments (by number of participants). If there is a tie that requires us to give out more sheets than we have, then we will randomly determine the winners and any non-winners will receive four display boxes of Seven Deadly Sins.

One (1) sheet will be given to a random tournament organizer (non-State Alchemist) who runs a tournament. Entries will be weighted based on number of players. In other words, a tournament with 20 players has twice the chance of being selected as a tournament with 10 players.

Finally, two (2) sheets will be given out to random players who participated in a tournament and played all the way through to the end, as reported by the tournament organizer (see below).

To be eligible for this great prize, here is what must be done. All steps must be followed precisely or you run the risk of your entry being voided. All steps must be followed by the tournament organizer or State Alchemist running the tournament.

1) You must report the results of your tournament via JoyRide Entertainment's reporting software and on the JRE Gamers! Round Table web site (

2) Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information: your name., your mailing address, your phone number, the store where your tournament was held, and the first and last names of each player in your tournament.

3) For each player listed in your tournament, mark players who did not stay for the entire tournament with an asterisk (*). These players do count toward your tournament's number of players, but they are not eligible to win the random-player prize. This information must match the results of the tournament as reported in 1).

For example, if your player list looked like this:

Jason Winter

Trevor McGregor

Ian Ryan

Edward Bolme

Terri Rehkop *

Kevin O'Neil *

It would indicate that you had a six-person tournament, but Terri and Kevin did not stay for the entire tournament.

Tournaments must have at least four participants at the start to be eligible.

All reporting on SDS pre-release tournaments, both on the JRE Gamers! Round Table site and via e-mail to [email protected] must be completed by November 30, 2006. Winners will be announced within a week after that date.

Download The Seven Deadly Sins pre-release order form here ( for a regular sealed-deck tournament or here ( for a booster-draft tournament or if you wish to run a tournament with existing decks. Each basic tournament package includes one Seven Deadly Sins promo card for each player and a Transmutation binder for every eight players. JoyRide must receive order forms by Wednesday, October 25. If your store has a conflict and cannot run the tournament Nov. 3-5, please contact JoyRide and inquire about the possibility of running an event the weekend of Nov. 10-12.

This is a great opportunity to obtain an extremely rare and valuable collector's item, so don't hesitate! And have fun at the tournament!

About Fullmetal Alchemist TCG

Based on the top-rated anime series on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, JoyRide Entertainment's Fullmetal Alchemist TCG released in August 2005 and has been followed by three expansion sets. The next expansion set, Alchemists' Gate, comes out Aug. 16 and will include over 150 cards. Alchemists' Gate Pre-Releases will take place Aug. 4-6. The game is supported with tournaments, leagues, a web site, and a dedicated volunteer corps, and readers of both Scrye and InQuest voted it the best TCG released in 2005. For more information, visit or e-mail [email protected]

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