Anime Network Premieres Best Student Council


They Rule the School with an Iron Fist in A Velvet…Puppet?

HOUSTON, TX — December 5, 2006 — Miyagami Gakuen is not your average all-girl high school, seeing that its student council has assault and covert divisions! The council is in session when Best Student Council premieres December 28, 2006 on Anime Network—America's #1 Anime Channel!

WHAT: U.S. VOD Premiere of Best Student Council

At first glance, Miyagami Private Academy seems like a typical all-girls' school. But beneath its placid surface is a highly-disciplined student council engaged in an unceasing struggle to keep Miyagami Private Academy safe from the outside (adult) world! Complete with covert and assault divisions, all student council members have their own special abilities. So how did cute little transfer student Rando Rino make the cut? Join the girls of the academy and the infamous Pucchan the puppet on one ride that is sure to leave you laughing!

WHEN: Episode 1 available beginning December 28, 2006

WHERE: Anime Network, America's #1 Anime Channel

HOW: Don't have VOD? Don't worry! Catch Best Student Council; available Tuesday (1/9/07) on DVD!

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