Broccoli Books New Boys Love Imprint Boysenberry


Broccoli Books New Boys Love Imprint Boysenberry

Los Angeles, CA (February 21, 2007) - Broccoli Books has announced
their boys love imprint name, Boysenberry Books, and will launch it with
three titles. Delivery Cupid, Pet on Duty, and Sex Friend will be
released starting in summer 2007. The website for Boysenberry Books, will launch in March 2007.

"We are excited to add a new boys love imprint to Broccoli Books," says
Broccoli Books publisher Kaname Tezuka. "We selected the name
Boysenberry from fan entries, and the Japanese boys love publishers were equally
delighted with the sweet and tangy implications of Boysenberry and how
it matches the concept of boys love."

Delivery Cupid is a collection of six short stories. The title story is
a romantic comedy about Tsubasa, who is half-human and half-cupid. In
order to become a full cupid, he must successfully unite a couple.
However, the target is an evil man named Norimasa who shows no love for
anyone. When Tsubasa accidentally ends up as Norimasa's match, the trouble
begins. Are Tsubasa and Norimasa attracted because of cupid magic, or
is it true love?

Delivery Cupid is by manga author CJ Michalski and will be released in
July 2007.

Pet on Duty is a romantic comedy featuring Mizuki, who just lost his
job and must stay at his older brother�fs company dorm. Since there are
no outsiders allowed, Mizuki must live in the dorm secretly... like a
house cat. At first Mizuki is intimidated by his older brother's roommate
Toru, but seeing a softer side of Toru changes his opinion. Toru treats
Mizuki well, but Mizuki wants to become more than a pet companion.

Pet on Duty is by manga author Nase Yamato. It will be released in Fall

Sex Friend is a collection of four short stories. The title story is
about classmates Kyoichi and Yoh who are closer than best friends, but
not exactly lovers. Kyoichi is left wondering if he's just a convenient
sex friend or does their relationship mean more to Yoh?

Sex Friend is by Koreaki Kamuro and will be released in Fall 2007.

All three titles are single volume manga.

Like the Broccoli Books, some Boysenberry Books titles will be released
as Boysenberry Books DELUXE featuring additional content from the
Japanese edition. More information will be posted online at

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