Grounded Angel Finale Now Available on WOWIO

Today, the creators of the webmanga GROUNDED ANGEL announce the release of the final chapter 7 on WOWIO. The free, downloadable PDF site now has the complete GROUNDED ANGEL story from beginning to end.

Find it here:

GROUNDED ANGEL is the story of a high-school girl, Gloria, who finds one day that she's an angel, the herald to the end of the world! She's soon on the run from strange and terrifying forces, wielding a power she doesn't understand!

"The demand for Grounded Angel on WOWIO is unprecedented," says Steve Horton, publisher and co-creator of Grounded Angel. "Our download total has been staggering, and it's extremely nice that we're able to compensate every member of the team in a meaningful way for the first time. Chapter 7's story has extra pages and ends the story of Gloria in a shattering conclusion. Check it out!"

To download GROUNDED ANGEL in seven convenient chapters, each equivalent to a comic book in length, simply go to and register free.

There are already downloadable comics on WOWIO from Antarctic Press, Moonstone, Markosia and others, with more on the way.

About Smashout Comics
Smashout Comics ( is an independent comics studio responsible for GROUNDED ANGEL; STRONGARM, from Image Comics; two upcoming how-to books on webcomics and manga; and several other comic-based projects in development.

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