AZN Television: All New Dramas, Variety Series, and Anime on AZN Television in October

Now through October, you can catch all
new dramas, variety series, and anime only on AZN Television!

Romance of Red Dust
All new episodes every Monday – Friday @ 8am ET
Rarely appearing in TV series, Shu Qi takes up the role of an ancient legendary beauty known as the “Lady with a Red Duster” and centers on her relationships with five men, interweaving love, hate, loyalty and vengeance into one intriguing drama. [more]

Dead Men Do Tell Tales 2
All new episodes every Monday – Friday @ 3pm ET
Back for season 2, Dead Men Do Tell Tales 2 is based on documented cases from the forensic pathology manual “The Washing Away of Wrongs” from 13 th Century China, the world's first criminologist Sung Tze solves mysterious deaths without a crime lab and without the cutting edge technology of today. [more]

Here Comes Ajumma!
All new episodes every Monday – Friday @ 4:30pm ET
O-nim is a housewife who has sacrificed herself to cater to all her husband and children's needs. When she finds out that her husband is having an affair, she tries to transform into a classy lady and managers to parlay her cooking skills into a new career as a TV celebrity chef. [more]

Luxury India
New episodes every Monday @ 7pm & 12am ET
Experience the best of India as the host lives it up in plush hotels, exquisite delicacies and glittering fashion. [more]

Paradise Asia
New episodes every Wednesday @ 8pm & 1am ET
What goes into the lavish and intricate designs and structures of some of Asia's most plush resorts? More importantly, how do these resorts stand out architecturally and yet, still remain true tot eh history and culture of their locales? [more]

Saiyuki Reload Gunlock
Premieres October 29th
New episodes every Monday – Wednesday @ 8:30pm & 1:30am ET
An animated version of the Manga adaptation of the Chinese novel Journey to the West. Sanjo Genjo and his half-demon companions Sha Goyjo, Cho Hakkai and Son Goku bicker amongst themselves as they help the weak and kill nasty demons. [more]

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