Proudly Announcing Gunbuster T-Shirt Design Contest has teamed up with Broccoli Gear to bring North American anime fans a GUNBUSTER T-shirt Design Contest!

Fans residing in the US and Canada can submit their own Gunbuster t-shirt design for a chance to get their design used for sale and win five (5) t-shirts of their design! And furthermore, the acclaimed studio GAINAX will be judging all the entries to select an officially licensed Gunbuster t-shirt!

Gunbuster fans and budding artists or designers can show off their creativity, passions and skills by submitting as many entries as they want starting 10/15/07 to 11/5/07. Fans can impress the best of best creators at the prestigious GAINAX!

The deadline for submissions is 11/5/07. The winner will be announced on 11/19/07.
Contest Rules & Guidelines
1. Entries are only accepted for the original Gunbuster series. Gunbuster 2 designs will not be accepted.
2. Source material for artwork can be scanned from covers, promotional artwork, or any other official Gunbuster art. Original art will also be accepted, but the final design will be created using official Gunbuster artwork.
3. Please keep in mind that entries are for CONCEPT designs and final design may change from the original submission.
4. Multiple entries can be submitted by one person.
5. Entries must be emailed. No postal entries will be accepted. Please scan all paper entries.
6. Please keep file sizes under 500k for submissions. Only jpg, gif, and pdf submissions will be accepted.
7. Contest is only open to legal residents of the United States & Canada, who are at least 18 years old.
8. The deadline for submissions is 11/05/07.
9. Submit entries to [email protected] with the following information:
a) full name
b) mailing address (for sending the prize)
c) valid email address
10. Design submissions become the property of Broccoli International USA, Inc.
11. Please read the official rules for entering the Gunbuster t-shirt design contest.

The information of the contest and full disclaimer can also be found at

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