Yakitate! Ja-Pan Bread Hits Both the Screens and the Shops

Animax has yet another bun in its oven…literally

5 November 2007, Singapore – A hot recipe for anime fun which is by no means tried and tasted, Animax serves up Yakitate! Ja-pan, a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek Japanese anime series about boy baker extraordinaire Azuma who wants to create a national bread (or ‘pan’ in Japanese) for Japan itself – the visionary Ja-Pan.

Your 24 hour destination for the best in Anime, Animax is proud to present this popular and entertaining series this November. A bone fide hit in Japan with the comic winning the prestigious 2004 Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen manga, Yakitate! Ja-pan will definitely induce plenty of laughter, as it has hilarious pop-culture references and puns (such as the bakery in which Azuma works being called Pantasia).

The series also features super baking skills with Azuma's solar hands (hands warmer than normal temperature which helps dough ferment faster), as well as a variety of determined bakers who are standing in the way of Azuma's dream. All these and more add an abundance of spice to the series. And the main draw is definitely the mouthwatering assortment of all sorts of delectable bread.

For a more multisensory experience of Azuma's creations, get your hands and tastebuds on buns inspired by the series, with BreadTalk presenting exclusive-to-Singapore breads that bring Azuma's creations to life!

In this collaboration between Animax and BreadTalk, all BreadTalk bakeries (except for the Paragon branch) will be serving up five fabulous types of Yakitate! Ja-pan inspired buns from 5 - 30 November 2007:

Ja-pan #288 ($1.30)
Aha! This is Azuma's yummiest bread yet! All it took was his chicken sausage lunchbox and lots of creativity to inspire this creation. Crusty cheese topping with a piping-hot centre bursting with juicy chicken sausage, taste what the magic Solar Hands have created!

Roar Azuma Roar! ($1.50)
Support Azuma's patriotic ambition of creating a national bread? Made to symbolise his lion-hearted dream, show Singapore-loving support by biting into the most succulent bak kwa perfectly complemented by savoury floss. Then shout your approval 'Banzai, banzai, banzai Azuma!'

Fantasia Pantasia ($1.40)
Straight from the oven of Japan's most prestigious bakery is this mouthwatering gem. First, its heavenly cocoa powder topping will tantalize your taste buds, followed by the velvety texture of a milky filling. Definitely something divine to be slowly savoured!

Red Bean Yakitate ($1.40)
Pssst.. want to know the secret of creating the bread of Japan? First, it has to be yakitate (freshly baked) to a golden brown. Then, it must be filled with irresistible red bean paste that Japanese so madly love. Nibbling it with a cup of warm green tea is optional.

Solar Hands Rolling Pin ($1.40)
Besides his Solar Hands, did you know Azuma has another secret weapon? His magical rolling pin! Crispy golden crust with fluffy chocolate egg cream, the delightful contrast of textures will send a warm tingling feeling down your spine, just like the hero's famous oven-fresh creations do!

So beat a path to Animax! This November, soak your senses in not only the sights and sounds, but also the delicious scents, textures and flesh flavours of Yakitate! Ja-pan, before the month and the buns run out!

Yakitate! Ja-pan premieres on Animax
28 November and airs Mondays to Fridays at 8pm


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