All "Ai's" on New York Anime Festival 2007 as TOKYOPOP Unveils the World Premiere of the New Music Video

Princess Ai: Broken Leash

Based on the Hit Manga Series Princess Ai, Video Marks First-Ever Japan-U.S. Production to Integrate Traditional Anime with Live-Action and CG Media

New York Anime Festival, New York City, (December 5, 2007)―TOKYOPOP, the leader of the global manga revolution, proudly debuts the all-new music video, Princess Ai: Broken Leash, premiering at the inaugural New York Anime Festival on Saturday, December 8, 2007. Based on TOKYOPOP's sizzling international manga franchise, Princess Ai: Broken Leash is a collaboration between TOKYOPOP, top anime studio Satelight and Asian CG powerhouse Menfond Electronic Art, making it the first-ever Japan-U.S. production that melds traditional anime with live-action and CG media.

With an Ai toward the upcoming Princess Ai feature film project, directed by Stu Levy, with animation direction by Eiichi Sato, Princess Ai: Broken Leash serves as a proof of concept production experiment that showcases the upcoming film's groundbreaking blend of live action and animation. Presenting music by D.J. Milky and b_nCHANt_d, Princess Ai: Broken Leash unleashes the original song Broken Leash performed by Indie-rock band Nude, featuring Maxim girl Heather Marie Marsden on vocals as Princess Ai.

Princess Ai: Broken Leash will be at the core of TOKYOPOP's Princess Ai CD/DVD anthology, a collection of songs, music videos and animated shorts from the manga franchise, set for release in Fall 2008.

The Princess Ai universe of properties, co-created by D.J. Milky and Courtney Love, chronicles the amazing journey of a mysterious young woman searching for identity and salvation in this world and beyond. After finding herself lost on the cold, hard streets of Tokyo, Ai must piece together clues about who she is, why she's on Earth and the secret of the heart-shaped box she carries. What the princess experiences along the way is an adventure filled with love, chaos and unexpected fame.


TOKYOPOP is hailed as a leading youth-oriented entertainment brand and an innovator of manga creation, with a revolutionary artistic vision that transcends countless platforms. From the introduction of the first-ever extensive manga publishing program in North America, to the development of its manga-originated intellectual properties into film, television and digital entertainment, TOKYOPOP has changed the way teens experience pop culture. The company's global reach has expanded to Europe and Asia, with recent offices opening in the UK and Germany and upcoming partnerships in Australia and China, in addition to its original Los Angeles and Tokyo operations. With millions of fans logging onto the new social networking site reading its books, which are licensed in 41 countries in more than 20 languages, and watching its DVDs and television programs, TOKYOPOP's award-winning catalogue of licensed and original properties has made the company a visionary in an ever-growing teen entertainment marketplace. Visit for additional information.

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