Freedom 3 Trailer Up, Vol.1-3 & Limited Edition Action Figure Gorgeous Bundle Set Available

We are happy to announce the arrival of FREEDOM 3 Trailer on!

The Feature Page contains brief introduction and the TRAILER for the episodes 1-3!

FREEDOM is a Japanese mega OVA project and the first anime series ever released on HD DVD in North America, which special extra episode was just announced a week ago.

FREEDOM 1-3 & Limited Edition Action Figure Set

We have added another great gift option just in time for the season!

A gift package of FREEDOM Volume 1-3 and FREEDOM Limited Edition Takeru & Vehicle figure at the reduced price of $150! FREEDOM 1-3, “Chapter of Eden” will captivate you as the story takes a dramatic turn! Give your loved one a sharp experience of this next generation anime in a gorgeous bundle set!

Product Page:

Note: The previously announced “FREEDOM 1-3 set with Free T-shirt” product delivery will be delayed. It is scheduled to ship out in the last week of December. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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