The L.A.N. Show on Otaku Life Radio by the Noobie Games

Delaware-December 12, 2007- The Noobie Games crew host a new video game review show on Otaku Life Radio

The Noobie Games crew will be hosting a weekly show on Otaku Life Radio reviewing the most popular and hottest video games available every Tuesday night at 6:00 pm EST on the online radio station, Otaku Life Radio.

The L33ts and Nuvs Show aka the L.A.N. show, will feature Vice President Manny Camacho, several of the Noobie Games crew, and some of the actual customers in the Noobie Games store. They will have a live telephone show discussing the latest games and news, what's hot, what's not, and what they think are the top picks.

The L33ts and Nuvs Show is part of the new program format Otaku Life Radio has put together for their worldwide listeners that can range nearly 2000 at any given time. Other program themes they plan include anime and manga news, local Japanese trends and J-pop news and comments. Many shows will be accessible to nationwide real time callers through their “800” number or through Otaku Life Radio's chat room and forum.

Shows can be heard through their web-stream accessible at: HYPERLINK ""

About Noobie Games:

Noobie Games is a new hybrid gaming and retail experience founded and operated by gamers with gamers in mind. They cater to the community and to all their loves and vices. This means They have gaming available for all the latest titles in our store so if you want to try before you buy. You can pay a day pass for $10 and play through a game of your choice. Chances are in that 12 hour day you might beat the title, which saves you the 40-50 dollars of purchasing it.

They sell games at below retail price as well. Along with pre-owned games, they have been slowly adding Japanese snacks, drinks, anime and manga to our inventory. Their headquarter store is getting the members area built into it along with the theater area upstairs. The goal is to be your one stop shop.

They pride themselves on being gamers and try infectiously to bring our flavor of gaming to the world and have been building game rooms at many conventions for the last half of 2007. They are starting to build more brick and mortar stores as well as youth center satellites in and around our communities. They believe through Gaming and Anime their communities can be a more solid and safe haven for our children to grow up in.

Noobie Games, LLC.
3921 Alton Road, Miami, Florida, 33140
Manny Camacho, Vice President, 305-502-9996

About Otaku Life Radio:

Otaku Life Radio is a professional real time broadcast radio station that specializes in Asian pop culture news and events. Founded in early 2007 Otaku Life Radio is an officially licensed and certified broadcast station located in Delaware. Mostly focusing on their streaming broadcast to be able to reach a worldwide audience, Otaku Life Radio is able to host over 2000 listeners at one time as well as offer private listening sessions for clubs on alternative servers.

One of the first, if not the only real time Radio broadcast specializing in 24/7 Anime / J-pop culture and news in the US, Otaku Life Radio specializes in Anime and Manga reviews, news, gaming, entertainer interviews, convention reviews, music and more

Otaku Life Radio

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