The Slants Reject Chance at Million Dollar Recording Contract; Turn Down Bodog Battle-of-the-Bands and Reality TV Show, Refusing to Sign Contract

Portland, Oregon¹s dance-rock band The Slants, while carrying a consistent touring schedule, have worked in participating in Bodog¹s Battle of the Bands, competing in Portland and Seattle, and earning an invite to the semi-finals in Los Angeles, California.

Prior to rejoining Bodog and other bands in Los Angeles for the next round of the battles, The Slants were given a 73-page contract to sign. They were told the contract must be signed immediately to compete in the next rounds, and if it wasn¹t signed and submitted within ten business days, The Slants would not advance to the next round. Thus they would not be eligible for the grand prize, a million-dollar recording contract from Bodog Music, the label side of Bodog Entertainment. They were also told the contract was non-negotiable.

After consulting with their entertainment lawyer, who told them he would need more than ten business days to go through the contract with a fine-tooth comb, The Slants decided the contract was too scrupulous to sign. And, on advice from their counsel, told Bodog Entertainment they would not be signing a 73-page, non-negotiable contract.

"We've decided to turn down the opportunity to participate in the Bodog Music Battle of the Bands finals and reality TV show to win a million dollar recording contract," says bassist Simon Young on The Slants¹ decision to leave Bodog¹s Battle of the Bands content. "This was just not the right fit for our band at this time - or any band, really. We were being strong armed into signing a non-negotiable contract that would strip away any artists' rights and that is completely unacceptable."

The Slants are the true definition of do-it-yourself independence, and have been since their inception. Form self-recording, mixing, producing, and releasing their own material, to financing their own tours, The Slants have not sought outside label support, investors, or any financial aid, aside from competing in the Bodog Battle of the Bands for a chance to win a million dollar recording contract.

"I had to take out a second mortgage on my house to pay for this record," admits Young. "The last thing that I think we need is some arrogant company with millions of dollars thinking that they can dangle the Œpossibility¹ of winning a contract Œvalued¹ at a million dollars to strip away everything that we've been working so hard for. I'd rather keep playing shows, making music, and keep on getting kicked out of clubs for fire-breathing, than sign a contract giving a corporation control of my music and merchandising".

Young continues, "It is my hope that there aren't band desperate for the publicity that they are willing to gamble their futures for a Œchance¹ to win a Œmillion dollar recording contract.¹ If anyone continues, they better have a pretty good lawyer and a whole lot of luck. We've enjoyed the ride and meeting new bands, but as soon as I saw that contract it was like red flags all over. We're done."

Though, The Slants don¹t count their time on the Bodog circuit as a waste. They learned many valuable lessons, including a reminder to never enter a battle of the bands competition again, regardless of reputation or marketing describing how different this one is, and they enjoyed the attention Bodog showered them.

"We've enjoyed the ride while it lasted. Getting first place in every round and being featured on Bodog¹s website was nice," Young confesses. "Having them trying to force us and other independent artists into a binding contract was not."

Look for The Slants to continue touring in support of "Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts", their debut full-length, and hitting an area near you this spring and summer.

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