Become a Part of the Manga World with Pop Japan Travel's Mind over Manga Tour

Japanese dojinshi, comics published by the artist and sold at special events
across Japan, have become a driving creative force, and a sensational way to
connect with other fans. In the past, Pop Japan Travel has visited these
dojinshi markets, but only as spectators. That's about to change.

This August, aspiring dojinshi creators, established small press comic artists
and manga admirers alike will have an unprecedented opportunity. Pop Japan
Travel's Mind Over Manga Tour offers guests the chance to go behind the scenes
of one of Japan's most respected dojinshi events, Comitia -- and if you choose,
print and sell your own comic or art book directly to Japanese readers!

If you apply and qualify, Pop Japan Travel will:

*-Translate your book into Japanese so that the locals can understand it
*-Print your book and deliver it directly to the event at Tokyo Big Sight
*-Help you sell your book and discuss it with readers at a booth at the event

Since 1984, Comitia has been one of Tokyo's most popular dojinshi events. Run
four times a year, it focuses on original, creative art rather than fan
fiction. That has made it a key launchpad for new manga artists, with thousands
of circles participating each year. It takes place at Tokyo Big Sight, which
otaku will recognize from Comic Party, Genshiken and many other anime and manga

Even if you don't choose to sell your own book, you'll get an up-close look at
the way Japan's manga market operates. And the tour will also include the
chance to meet and pick the brains of some Japan's most important manga and
dojinshi artists, plus a visit to a cutting-edge anime studio and Hayao
Miyazaki's Ghibli Museum.

Naturally, Mind Over Manga also includes our tried-and-true tour of Tokyo,
providing a mind-blowing look at the world's most populous urban area, plus a
few excursions outside the city and an optional three-day tour of Osaka and
Kyoto, Japan's thousand-year capital.

The exact itinerary and price for the tour are still pending, but we wanted
to spread the word as quickly as possible so you could start drawing!

Tour dates and activities are subject to change. Check out our Web site,, or contact [email protected] for details.


DIGITAL MANGA'S POP JAPAN TRAVEL is the original and premiere provider of pop
culture themed tours of Japan. Since 2003, PJT has operated more than 15 tours
with themes focused on Japanese anime, manga, games and more. Pop Japan tours
offer a careful balance of the hyper-modern world of J-pop culture and the rich
traditions of ancient Japan, and PJT is the ONLY tour agency to provide
exclusive experiences such as visits to anime and game studios, meetings with
manga artists, and more. Pop Japan Travel tours are organized in cooperation
with IACE Travel, one of Japan's largest travel agencies.

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