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Japan's DJ Baku "Spinheddz" Critically Acclaimed Album Out in the U.S. 5/29/08

Los Angeles, CA April 28, 2008 From Tokyo Japan, this amazing turntablist / producer is hands-down, DJ Krush's protege and has deep ties with DJ Kentaro, all the roughest Shinjuku freestyle MC's, and psycho-garage band Guitar Wolf. DJ BAKU (pronounced "Bah-Koo") the rightful heir to the unique Japanese aesthetic of production, DJ'ing, turntablism started by Krush 20 years ago. "It's a perfect match for our digital-analog-dubplate vinyl slayer N2O Records imprint. Just this year we've been obliterating all- genres by pressing everything from Omar Rodriguez Lopez' Mars Volta solo projects to Indie Dubstep of 6BLOCC to Japanese Pop & Punk to hardcore Kingston Reggae to Mad Capsule Markets solo collabo's and the hyper-cool Tokyo electro-rockers Boom Boom Satellites. We are introducing the 'Mixture' sound to America from Japan and back with music and feature film anime collaborations," explains N2O Records label creator Nate "N8LOC" Shimizu, now at 130 records released in their mobile- suit mission to "break the genre binding" barriers. "We've been doing it for a decade, but now we can do it on a multi-lingual global Death-Note viral scale with ill- mech-warrior Japanese artists like DJ BAKU and Uzumaki, mixed in with the Famima-fresh-factor big steps beyond mash-up," says N8LOC.

Baku's 10 year crossover appeal has allowed him to perform sets with Q-bert, Killa Kel, Goth-Trad, Kentaro, Goldie, Krush, D-Styles, and Kid Koala as well as collaborate with innovative dubstep and punk bands. His major performance was at the famous Fuji Rock festival 2006 with bands Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mars Volta, and Beastie Boys. And now American import mixture label N2O Records introduces Baku to the U.S. with his critically acclaimed album "Spinheddz" release date 5/29/08 and DVD "Kaikoo."


From electronica, drum and bass, death metal, trip hop, hip hop to rock, Baku breaks ground and breaks beats into new genres and subgenres with exiting flavor, tempo and scratching in a musical and fluid composition which makes way for hybrid urban futuristic film soundtrack sounding material infused with heavy metal drums. Add in the flipped out new style Japanese Shinjuku rapping of MC Kan, one must be prepared to witness a new clean-tech sound of high grade hip hop, Tokyo drifter style. One of Baku's most interesting collaborations is with Japanese punk rockers Guitar Wolf in 2006 with a split single called "Ultra Cross Vol. 3" and Rumi, Japan's reply to today's poppy female chanting rappers; but Ms. Rumi comes with a reality check and darkness of Japan's bubble- era high school girls cruising for trouble in Shinjuku. Think Beat Takeshi, Tokyo Decadence, Cowboy Bebop, and Akira as the cd captures and inspires your imagination. This record will start with an underground buzz. Fans that like DJ SHADOW, DJ Krush, Kentaro, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mo Wax, and NINJA TUNE will buy this record and DJ's will praise this record as reigniting revolutionary breakbeats. U.S. Pop Group Tour with Dose One of Anticon and N2O Records summer release of Baku "Kaikoo" DVD will further introduce artist Baku follow up album being released in UK and Japan. The album single is called "Spinstreet" already DJ BAKU YouTube.com views total over 200,000, there is a strong interest in his style and culture which will translate to the world.

DJ BAKU has performed in many capacities and shows from Korea underground clubs to the ultimate East/West black & white collaboration: CHAZ BOJORQUEZ x USUGROW in a special live painting collaboration to accompany Chaz's dual art shows in Tokyo and Osaka. All shows featured DJ BAKU's live audio experience. The shows were presented by THREE TIDES TATTOO, Kaze Magazine, POP Group, and Royal Elastics.
Contact N2O Records below for a copy of the Spinheddz advance album download, cd and press kit. There is also a video interview shot while driving through Tokyo and subtitled in English available for press and media.

About N2O Records

N2O Records current U.S. campaigns are Boom Boom Satellites, DJ BAKU, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, DJ Starscream, 6blocc, This Is Dubstep, and General Malice. N2O Records is exclusively distributed by Koch Inc. and Cargo UK.

Website: http://www.myspace.com/n2orecords

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