Enchanting Music Box Renditions of Music from Miyazaki's Award-Winning Anime

Tokyo, JP - June 17, 2008 - HearJapan.com is proud to announce the release of a very special collection of musical selections from the films of Hayao Miyazaki, one of the most loved Anime film directors of all time. This completely unique 3-volume collection of widely loved themes is entirely performed on the music box, or Orgel, as it is also known.

With hit films such as "Grave of the Fireflies", "Spirited Away", and "My Neighbor Totoro", Hayao Miyazaki's works have became synonymous with all that is great about Anime, and the music accompanying it.

This collection of music is recordings of actual music boxes built by music box manufacturer, Abend. A sudden rise in demand for music boxes in 1989 inspired Abend to not only increase production of the boxes, but to bring the sounds of the music boxes into the recorded music world, resulting in a series of hit CDs.

What better music to adapt to a music box, than that of Anime? With memorable themes and whimsical motifs, the musical score is an indispensable part of the transportive quality of Anime, and acts as a bridge connecting the viewer and the fantastical world skillfully illustrated on the screen.

In the child-like simplicity of the music box form, this wonderful collection of songs will calm and relax the listener, and is sure to be a favorite for those familiar with the original soundtrack and those who are not.

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Music Work Collection vol.1,2,3 from Hayao Miyazaki
URL: Vol.1- http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/Music_work_collection_vol1_from_Hayao_Miyazaki_movie_and_animation
Vol.2- http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/Music_work_collection_vol2_from_Hayao_Miyazaki_movie_and_animation_2
Vol.3- http://www.hearjapan.com/store/album_info/Music_work_collection_vol3_from_Hayao_Miyazaki_movie_and_animation
Price: ¥150 per song; complete album with complete album discount ¥2,993 | $28.74 | €18.68
Format: 19 songs per volume; variable bit rate (high quality) Mp3s, DRM free (no copy protection)

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