Japanese Cosplay Idol, Actress and Otaku USA Columnist Yunmao Ayakawa Launches U.S. Website

On July 14, 2008 TenBu Productions announced that an official American website for their premier Cosplay Idol, Race Queen and Actress, Yunmao Ayakawa has been launched.

YunmaoAyakawa.com was launched for Yunmao's American and English language fans to keep up with her many activities in the world of Otaku, Acting, Modeling, and Maid Culture. Fans and industry alike can now visit the website for her schedule of events, new photos, and present activities with Kid Nemo Toy company and her up coming U.S. appearance as celebrity judge along side UFC's Nate Quarry for the Mid Atlantic Cover Model Search UjENA Pageant July 19th. The website also gives fans of her bimonthly article in Otaku USA magazine, “Cosplay Café,” a sneak peak of what she will be featuring in her upcoming articles.

The plan to launch an American website had been in the works for almost a year since the start of her featured articles in Otaku USA magazine which has gained her more US fans. It will eventually have a gallery of her artwork and outfit designs that have been used for costumes and Japan's compact racing circuit. By early August visitors will be treated to routine updates, blogging, and messages straight from Yunmao herself. TenBu hopes that this site will be the beginnings to other Japanese talents breaking into the American market and reaching out to their Western fans.

About Yunmao Ayakawa:
Yunmao Ayakawa is an accomplished Cosplay and Race Queen Idol, Actress, Writer, Artist, and Spokes Person for the Nihon Maid Association. She broke into the US market in 2006 when she was a guest at Anime Mid Atlantic and appeared as Toki Takahasu from TenBu Productions' Manga “Cove Pirate Mercenary”. She has been featured on many Japanese and international TV shows and acts as an ambassador of Maid and Otaku cultures to many countries including the U.S., England, Spain, and Holland. She has also written popular segments for Cosmode Magazine (Japan), MSNBC online (Japan), Mainichi Newspapers, and Otaku USA magazine where she is the first Japanese cosplay idol to write articles specifically for a U.S. publication.

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