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BUFFALO, NEW YORK– Tuesday, July 01, 2008– Toon Radio ( has acquired the broadcast rights to the GeekNights talk show for its Internet broadcast.

GeekNights is a podcast which covers a myriad of topics in a self-described "late-night radio talk show" style. It is actually not one but four semi-independent podcasts that each update weekly, catering to different demographics. One of these, GeekNights Wednesdays, was awarded the 2007 Parsec Award for "Best Anime Podcast."[1GeekNights is based in Beacon, NY, about an hour north of New York City.

GeekNights is hosted by Brandon "Rym" DeCoster and Scott "Apreche" Rubin, known on the show simply as "Rym and Scott." Both are computer technology professionals, having Bachelors of Science in Information Technology and Computer Science respectively, both from the Rochester Institute of Technology. At RIT, Rym served as president of the RIT Anime Club, as well as vice-president of the RIT Kendo Club, and occasionally wrote for intra-campus publications.

The two now live in downstate New York with Rym's girlfriend Emily, producing the show locally with their own equipment. They both maintain day jobs; though neither mentions their current company by name (Rym has previously worked for IBM and has made reference to as much during the podcast).

Guest hosts have included their friends Pete and Adam aka 'Art Boy', as well as Rym's girlfriend Emily. The hosts of Movies You Should See and Fast Karate for the Gentlemen have also provided guest podcasts when Rym and Scott were out of town.

Toon Radio is an all request, live-feed internet broadcast, or webcast, which plays anime, cartoon, and video game soundtrack music and related content. This station is up 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and broadcasts at 96Kbit/sec Stereo and 24Kbit/sec Mono.

GeekNights is scheduled to broadcast on Toon Radio weekdays at 11 PM ET (8 PM PT).

More information on GeekNights can be found at

More information on Toon Radio can be found at

ABOUT TOON RADIO: Toon Radio ( is an Internet radio station that specializes in animation soundtracks from around the world. Toon Radio broadcasts from its website at, and is a member of the Audiorealm Radio Network ( Toon Radio operates out of Buffalo, New York.

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