Akiba Today Launched: Accurate Business and Cultural News in English Directly from Tokyo Akihabara

Exclusive news sources through the collaboration with established japanese media outlet “Akiba Keizai Shimbun”

Tokyo - July 16, 2008

We would like to announce the launch of “AKIBA Today” ( http://www.akibatoday.com), an English news portal site reporting in a cross media fashion about the latest events, goods and trends of anime, game and manga culture in Tokyo's "electric town" Akihabara. We deliver business news aimed at otaku or fans of japanese pop culture as well as corporations. The site will integrate video reports as well as written features and news available through the site itself or by highly customizable RSS feeds. Throughly researched features or interviews as well as local information like weather or shop lists provide information for everybody interested in this futuristic world.

● Akiba culture trend - From underground fandom to mainstream media

Focusing on Akihabara ( abbreviation:“Akiba”), “AKIBA Today” catches on the trend of Japanese otaku culture that has been on the rise inside and outside of Japan. This development indicates that the "Otaku Boom" is more than just a short lived trend but rather has established itself as a vital alternative next to the traditional hollywood, or western culture. That is proven further by western entertainment picking up on this trend in form of movies that are based on japanese comics (Cowboy Bebop) or Video Games (Final Fantasy) as well as the exploding number of blogs or online forums. These outlets provide important information but lack in the ability to deliver these news with the accuracy or form that analysts or corporations demand. That is especially true if they are working from overseas. AKIBA Today focuses on providing original and accurate information on the city of Akiba, it's trends and how to find your way around if you actually go there.

● Thorough research - Accurate sources for the demanding foreign market

The Otaku culture is very rich and not limited to video games or comics but rather spans over many sub categories like PVC figurines, robots, gadgets, DIY computers, cosplay or maid cafes. The heartland of this is undisputedly Akiba which does not mean AKIBA Today is limited to local events but rather looks at the trend from a global perspective with it's international staff, alliances with bloggers and other Otaku related websites or magazines. With more and more tourists visiting the city from overseas however, the city's role as a hub of the national businesses in Japan is also gaining importance as well as for travelers on short trips . Having been a place for locals for a long time, Akihabara is only now beginning to meet demands of the flocking tourist who often don't know how to get the most out of their visit. It is a fast place that almost keeps changing on a daily basis. Therefore, as a company that already delivers such news everyday, Mercury Syscom who jointly operates “Akiba Keizai Shimbun” (Akiba Financial Newspaper), decided to launch “AKIBA Today,” as an English response to the demands of visitors or companies interested in this colorful world and it's growing market.

● Future Goals

Content wise we want to strengthen our resources by collaborating with freelance writers, local public services and of course our user base.


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