Akibanana.com Launches Comprehensive English Akihabara Map.

Akibanana is proud to present the most comprehensive English map of Akihabara to date. The A3-sized map of Akihabara covers the main shopping district with locations color-coded according to the following categories: Moe/Maid related, Manga/Books, Game, Cosplay, PC & Electronics Related, F&B, Adult, Internet/Manga Cafe, Convenience Store, Others. Each floor of the multistorey buildings are listed out in detail for the user's convenience.

The other side of the map has an index of the map featuring maid cafes, cosplay, manga and anime goods. The map also allows the user to enjoy some perks at sponsored hotels, stores and cafes when you present the map.

The map will be distributed at various shops all over Akihabara, including famous landmarks such as Kotobukiya, Mandarake, Cospa Gee! Store, Asobit City, Tokyo Anime Center and so on.

As Akihabara's landscape changes faster than the average town, the map is also expected to be updated and printed on a regular basis.

An online version will soon be available on Akibanana.com

About GI Jane
Akibanana's parent organization GI Jane (www.gijane.jp) is an Internet media company founded in July 2007 with the mission of spreading Akihabara's otaku subculture to the rest of the world. Their head office is located in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, just a stone's throw from the infamous "Electric Town" in Akihabara, heart of geeky otaku culture.

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