FUNimation Entertainment to Distribute Samurai Champloo 

Flower Mound, TX -- December 31, 2008 -- FUNimation® Entertainment today announced that it will be distributing the 26-episode action adventure anime series Samurai Champloo held by Geneon Entertainment.

This samurai tale with a hip hop twist was created by Shinichiro Watanabe, of Cowboy Bebop fame, and produced by studio Manglobe. Samurai Champloo aired in the U.S. on [adult swim] in 2005/2006.

About Samurai Champloo

Mugen's a wild warrior - violent, thoughtless and womanizing. Jin is a vagrant ronin - mysterious, traditional and well-mannered. These two fiercely independent warriors can't be any more different from one another, yet their paths cross when Fuu, a ditzy waitress, saves them from being executed when they are arrested after a swordfight. Fuu convinces the two to help her find a mysterious samurai "who smells of sunflowers" --and their journey begins.

FUNimation will release the series within a complete box set in 2009.

Samurai Champloo is the latest addition to the list of select titles that are part of an exclusive distribution agreement signed between FUNimation and Geneon earlier this year. Under the terms of the agreement, FUNimation Entertainment obtained the exclusive rights to the manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of established Geneon titles, including international successes "Ergo Proxy", "Hellsing Ultimate" and "Black Lagoon"

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