Kalafina x Yuki Kajiura @ Anime Boston 2009: May 22-24th at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston MA

Kalafina is a songstress project that started from female vocalist auditions held by hit
maker/composer, Yuki Kajiura.
During the auditions, the singers with voices that met with Kajiura's high expectations,
performed each of the songs composed by Yuki Kajiura, and the best vocalists were
selected forming the style of this group. Surely as each song differs, the charming music
from these singers will begin to take shape.
Kalafina; Wakana, Keiko, and Hikaru, made their debut in January 2008, with their single
“oblivious”, which reached #8 on the Oricon (equivalent to Billboard) weekly chart.
Their second single “sprinter/ARIA”, and third single “fairytale” have also made the top 10
in the Oricon chart.
Kalafina is greatly featured for the theme song of the famous anime film series, “The
Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai)”, which their DVD has sold more than 500,000
copies total.
On March 4
2009, they will simultaneously release their first album “Seventh Heaven”
and 4
single “Lacrimosa”, which is the ending theme of another popular anime series,
“Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji).

-Kalafina Official Website-

Yuki Kajiura is a multi-music composer who handles lyric, music composition, and music
arrangement. She has extensive music production experience with film, anime, video
games, musicals, and television.
As a member of her own group called “See-Saw”, she produced the song “An'na ni issho
datta noni” (Although We Were Always Together) for the ending theme of the anime
“Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”, which became a big hit.

Since 2007, Kajiura has been in charge of the music for all 7 of “The Garden of Sinners”
(Kara no Kyoukai) film adaptations, and in addition started the music project she put
together, Kalafina. In 2008, Kajiura held her first solo live performance, and she's also held
a collaboration live show with “Revo” of Sound Horizon in Kobe, Yokohama, and Tokyo
which brought together over 10,000 people.

Other recent projects Kajiura has involved with, includes being the music director for the
film “Akiresu to Kame” (Achilles and the Tortoise) directed by the internationally
renowned movie director / actor / comedian, Takeshi “Beat” Kitano, and she continues to
pursue the Kajiura world.

-Yuki Kajiura Official Website-

contact: Ryu Takahashi @ Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) / NY Office
(tel) 212.833.4113 (email) [email protected]

Also at this year's Anime Boston, Aniplex announced
their U.S. premier of “The Garden of Sinners (Kara no
Kyoukai)”, a smash hit in Japan, which the soundtrack
was composed by Yuki Kajiura and performed by

“The Garden of Sinners” is a series of hit cult novels
written by Kinoko Nasu (“Tsukihime –Lunar Legend-“,
“Fate/stay night”) published in Kodansha Box series.
The series has been adapted into an ongoing anime
movie series which were divided into seven chapters.
At Anime Boston, the fifth movie entitled “Paradox
Paradigm” (113 min.) will be premiered with English
subtitles for the U.S. audience.

-The Garden of Sinners Official Website-

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