Radio Announces Third Crown of Anime Tournament

Unique contest to determine what Anime title is among the greatest

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Radio (KNR), the Internet's number one home for the best in Anime and J-Pop music, is pleased to announce the third Crown of Anime Tournament.

Patterned after the famous tournament of College Basketball, some of the best Anime shows and movies will go at it in head-to-head competition. The Internet public will determine which titles continue on in the tournament, and which titles are kicked out of the brackets. When it is all finished, the one remaining title is declared as one of the greatest Anime titles of all time – and two lucky fans who vote throughout the tournament will be eligible to win Anime-related prize packages.

The first two Crown of Anime tournaments, held in 2004 and 2005, were won by the animes Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Alchemist, respectively.

Jose Ramos, host of Radio's “JRHorse Side Project” radio program, will once again serve as commissioner of the tournament. The tournament advisory board consists of Ramos, KNR station manager Michael “Keiichi” Morris, and KNR song manager Britt Myer.

“In our world, Japanese animation is special because it truly reaches out to people young and old across the globe,” Ramos said. “Out of the countless number of Anime titles that exist, there is an ongoing debate as to an anime series or movie that can be defined as 'the greatest.' Of course the easy way is to make a list of Anime titles, compare them with friends, and see what comes out on top.

“We, however, take a different approach to the question,” Ramos continued. “It's different, it's fun, and it's exciting. We've conducted the Crown of Anime for two years with high success, and we decided that it was time to give it another try. We sincerely hope that anime fans of all shapes and sizes will chime in to voice their opinions and their choices, from the nominating process all the way to the voting process.”

“I am really looking forward to this tournament,” said Britt Myer. “I think it will be quite interesting to see if the results change with newer series, or if the classics come through in the end.”

Anime fans can log on now to the official Crown of Anime Tournament web site, located at, and send in nominations for the Crown of Anime Tournament. Each person that sends in a nomination will be able to vote in the single-elimination tournament matches. Fans will vote on which anime show or movie is better out of the two in each match. The anime with the most votes will advance in the tournament, and the loser is out. This process will continue until only the winner remains.

A maximum of 64 titles will compete in the Crown of Anime Tournament. Each anime title that qualifies will be assigned to a tournament bracket, based on how they fared in the nomination process. There will be four brackets of 16 in the Crown of Anime Tournament.

At the end of the tournament, fans who have voted in every one of their assigned matches will be entered into a prize drawing. Two lucky winners will receive an Anime-themed prize package courtesy of Radio.

The Crown of Anime tournament has instituted a series of changes for its third edition. The most notable change is that the winners of previous Crown of Anime tournaments – Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Alchemist – are no longer eligible to participate. The winner of the current tournament will join this list should the tournament return in the future.

A rule that does not change from previous tournaments is in regard to top seeds. The titles Princess Mononoke and Trigun should not be nominated; they automatically qualify for this tournament based on their finish from the previous contest held in 2005.

The closing of nominations is scheduled for Friday, April 3 at 11 PM EDT. Fans who are interested in participating are asked to review the official tournament website for a list of complete rules before submitting nominations.

The Crown of Anime Tournament brackets will be announced on the “JRHorse Side Project” radio show, airing on Radio on Sunday, April 5 at 9 PM EDT. Tournament voting commences after the brackets have been announced.

The tournaments are based on a similar Internet tournament format created by Tim Connolly. Radio, which opened its doors in February of 2001, offers one of the largest track libraries of any anime and J-pop radio station on the Internet. Over 6,500 dedicated music titles can be requested via the station's website, In addition to a live show on Wednesday evenings hosted by station owner Michael Morris, ex2 offers special programs such as the daily “Anime Retro Classics,” “Analog” with DJ Allvah on Tuesdays, “Anime Reload” with DJ HackerEd on Thursdays, and DJ Policho's “Friday Night Flight”. Rounding out the station's programs are the “Visual Kei and J-Rock Show” with Britt Myer and the “JRHorse Side Project” with Jose Ramos, both airing on Sunday evenings.

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