Bigger, More Impressive, More Intense: Polymanga Celebrates Its 5 Years

Bigger, more impressive, more intense: Polymanga celebrates it's 5 years!

The largest swiss event on video games, manga and Japanese culture blows out it's candles at Easter (April 11-13 - Beaulieu Lausanne).

In 5 years, this family-friendly event based on all public entertainment has earned its acclaim. It has more than doubled its visitors (6,000 in 2005, 12,500
in 2008) by focusing each year on the interactions with the public, the quality of its guests and the warm atmosphere of the festival.

A market & craze in quick progression


In 5 years, the swiss manga and video game market has considerably changed. Japanese animations, having apeared some thirty years ago on our screens, have
evolved to attain a graphic and script complexity hard to match. Mangas have now reached every strata of society, from the small child to the teenager or the more
mature adult. This has helped to erase the prejudices of "a simplistic scenario, only sex and violence" that are still persistent in a portion of the population. Mangas
now become all round bestsellers, all together, thus showing the extent of this phenomenon.

Polymanga defends this idea by airing over fifty projections in it's amphitheater , as well as in it's new theater. There will also be a special screening event on Saturday.
It also hosts for the first time, Yasuhiro Nightow, the designer and father of "Trigun" and "Gungrave", 2 extremely popular worldwide productions.
They show that their author is as much at ease in the field of manga or japanese animation as in video games. The accommodation of talented European
artists enables the public to discover the artistic and cultural mixture between traditional comics and manga, and to reflect on the evolution and the diversity of the
domain, over the years.

Major DVD and manga publishers, will be present.

The gaming public

In the past 5 years, video games have gone "Next Gen", causing many ripples in the industry. The market has exceeded that of cinema, manufacturers have
differentiated and evolved strategies. Nintendo focused on low resolution graphics but with a new game mode, Microsoft having come out with a new
generation console both affordable and connected live to it's newly developed network, and finally Sony bringing out the most powerful machine on the market,
a true multimedia terminal.

Polymanga has also seen fit to evolve in this trend by increasing its video game surface by 50% (1,500 m2). Planned are, extensive show rooms including Playstation,
EA, Ubisoft, Activision, Konami, Capcom, Sega, Ankama. Thirty tournaments will be organized by Swissgamers, including arcade games(Quanta). As every year,
Polymanga will be awarding its crystal trophies at the Polymanga Entertainment Awards, rewarding the best titles in video games, manga and Japanese animation.
A competent and impartial jury will judge and present it's results in the amphitheater. A video game museum will also entertain the most nostalgic of us.

Japan between cultures

In 5 years, the attractiveness of Japanese culture has changed enormously. The Cosplay (manga costume parade ) attracts more and more spectators
(2,400 last year). It has also enabled us increase the female public, the ratio being of around 45% of women to 55% men. Polymanga will of course have, this
year, its cosplay event, with two parades, with over fifty participants. Also part of Polymanga this year, 2 concerts , including the Taiko (Japanese
drum major) and Ryo Fujimura, a complete artist come straight from Land of the Rising Sun. Origami, Calligraphy, go and activity rooms, do not miss the call.

A host of new attractions

For it's birthday, Polymanga see things big. Compared to previous editions, the event has a number of additions:

- 3 and a half days instead of 2 and a half
- An additional floor
- 1 video games showroom increased in size by 50%
- 1 video game museum organized by MO5
- 2 times more tournaments
- More projections
- 1 extra association organising activities
- Karaoke madness
- Concerts
- New European artists
- A special evening screening Saturday night
- A new equipped projection room
- A traditionnal Japanese food stand
- Vouchers
- A video archive on the website
- One hundred prizes to be won during the event
- An international design competition (PS3 to be won)

The detailed program will be unveiled on the website

You want to discuss Polymanga and its evolution? Manga and Japanese animation market in Switzerland and Europe over the last 30 years? The
exponential popularity of Japanese culture in Switzerland? The evolution of video games and its market?

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