Pwanda! Available to Buy

The long awaited day has arrived. Pwanda! Is now available to buy online. And to spice things up we are offering a special promotional offer of free P&P until the end of May. So what you waiting for, check out the preview and click the buy now button below to get it early before it becomes available in retails outlets nationwide. We've all heard the famous catch phrase “Have you been Pwanda'd?” Well it's time to find out what all the fuss is about.

Here are what the critics thought:

“Extremely rich content and dialogue” – Manga Pulp

“Pwandas are set to become an iconic mascot of the UK scene” – Neo Magazine

“Pwanda rocks our world” – Impact Magazine


After the destruction of his entire village, Hoshi decides he has to do something about it. The village elder explains that it was destroyed by the evil sorcerer, Adurag, so he could get his evil hands on the pyramid vortex. The pyramid vortex is an energetic shield that stopped other worlds of evil sorcerors and demons from entering. Now that the pyramid vortex has been taken, their only choice is to stay and protect the village for the next seven days.

The village elder tells of the pyramid vortex, being able to respawn and that going outside of the range of the vortex's protection would drive you insane. So Hoshi is ordered to guard the village.

However Hoshi is distracted by a little Panda (Pwanda), Dipsyfear. Dipsyfear is chased out of the village by an angry Hoshi, whose mothers necklace has been taken by the silly Pwanda! After leaving the village a familiar voice tells Hoshi to find his own truth and not be scared to step out of the world he grew up in. It is also told that a wise being stays up in the mountains and that Hoshi should find that being.

There are plenty of surprises waiting for Hoshi, including many crazy Pwandas! Hoshi knows he has a chance of getting the vortex back before the next seven days are up with the help of his new friends. Dipillow, Action Dips, Dipsyfear, Baby Dips, Sippy and Kouki. Will Hoshi be able to understand the wise beings message or become trapped within what he thinks he knows? Let the quest for the pyramid vortex, begin!


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