Hyde Best Album 2009.7.7 Drop

First Self-Titled Best Album!!
2009.7.7 DROP!!
(Digital Release)

Since the start of his solo career in October 2001, HYDE is finally releasing his first greatest hits
album, selected from his previous 3 albums and 7 singles!
Including No.1 debuted singles, “HELLO”, “COUNTDOWN”, and “SEASON'S CALL”, this greatest
hits album includes total of 17 songs which will make the listeners enjoy his powerful personality
and his original world. It will also include “GLAMOROUS SKY [ENGLISH VER.],” newly recorded
self-covered all-in-English version of “GLAMOROUS SKY” originally known as the theme song for
the film “NANA”, and HYDE's first ever track written for another artist.
www.hydebest.com (Limited time special website)

Vocalist of L'Arc-en-Ciel.
Having spiritual rock as a concept, HYDE has released his solo debut single “evergreen” from his own label
HAUNTED RECORDS on October 17th. 2001. Since then, he has successively released his second single “Angel's tale”
(released on December 12th, 2001) and his third single “SHALLOW SLEEP” (released on February 27th, 2002). He
released his first album “ROENTGEN” on March 27th, 2002, and at the same time its international version with
all-English lyrics was recorded and released throughout Asia.
On October 2004, he appeared on the movie “Kagen no tsuki – Last quarter”, which became his second appearance on
film since the movie “MOONCHILD” (released in April 2003). At the same time he released the international version
of his 1st album “ROENTGEN english” (released on October 14th, 2004) which was originally released outsides Japan,
and “ROENTGEN STORIES”, a collection of video clips (released on November 3rd, 2004).
In 2005, he composed the main theme song “GLAMOROUS SKY” for Mika Nakashima, who performed as NANA in
the film “NANA.” This was a sensational new as it was HYDE's first time to compose for another artist.
Also in 2005, HYDE re-started his solo activity, and his 6th single “COUNTDOWN” (released on October 5th, 2005),
and his 7th single “SEASON'S CALL” (released on February 22nd, 2006) debuted No.1 on Oricon chart. In April 2006,
with the release of his 3rd album “FAITH” (released on April 26th, 2006), he toured around Japan with the “HYDE
TOUR 2006 FAITH” tour and performed in 50 live shows. This became the longest and biggest solo tour of his career.

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