Crunchyroll Adds New Titles - The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils, C.I.B. Files, The Hot, the Cool, and the Vicious, The Six Directions of Boxing and The Shaolin Brothers - from Tai Seng Entertainment

Asian Celebrities David Chung, Chan Yuk Lin, Yang Pan Pan, Shek Sau, Wong Hang Sau, Wong Wat Wa, Leung Ka Yan, Yuen Hsiao-Tien, Tse Yin, Tong Chun Yip Appear on the Number One Online Destination for Anime and Asian Entertainment

San Francisco, CA (July 13, 2009) — Crunchyroll and Tai Seng Entertainment continue to launch more new dramas and kung-fu action titles on the number one (1) online destination for anime and asian content … Crunchyroll! More information can be found at

Titles that are/will-be-shortly streaming for free on the highly popular and legal site include:

· THE DEMI-GODS & SEMI-DEVILS (episodes 1-15)
· C.I.B. FILES (episodes 1-10)

These titles are available to all Crunchyroll fans and members residing in the U.S., American Samoa, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam and Virgin Islands.

Title Synopsis:

THE DEMI-GODS & SEMI-DEVILS (episodes 1-15)
Hui Chuk (Wong Wat Wa), who is a monk, Duen Yue (Tong Chun Yip), son of Duen Ching Shun (Tse Yin), and Kiu Fung (Leung Ka Yan) are sword brothers. By chance, CHUK with help from several Kung Fu masters becomes a Kung Fu expert and becomes the son-in-law of a foreign emperor. Moyung Pok (Kwan Hoi Shan) and his son Moyung Fuk (Shek Sau), members of the royal family of the State of Yin, are obsessed with the idea to re-establish their monarchy. CHUK works with YUEN and FUNG to fight against their plot. YUEN got his father's handsome features, and falls in love with Muk Yeun Ching (Yang Pan Pan), Chung Ling (Wong Hang Sau) and Wong Yue Yin (Chan Yuk Lin). As for FUNG, a man of integrity and pure-righteousness, he suffers painful alienation and identity crisis when he later finds that he is a Liao. To his consolation Ah Chu (also by Wong Hang Sau) is by his side. The two are put in a dilemma when it comes to CHU later that she is an illegitimate daughter of SHUN, and when FUNG mistakes that SHUN was the one who killed his father. CHUK, YUE and FUNG's paths through life are of a world of difference. Will they be able to defeat the vicious MOYUNG's?

C.I.B. FILES (episodes 1-10)
Tony and Mark Chung are two effective police officers employed in the Criminal Intelligence Bureau. Contrary to their respectable public images, the two brothers actually cope with broken childhoods caused by their father, Albert's desertion more than twenty years ago. In order to earn the forgiveness and re-acceptance of his sons, Albert claims to have stomach cancer. The soft-hearted Mark accordingly lets Albert move in with him, but Tony still refuses to acknowledge any concern for his father. When the deception is brought to light, the brothers are overcome by both displeasure and relief. This relief, however, coupled with Tony's frustration over his own domestic woes, leads him to identify more with Albert, and the family reunites.

Flashy leg combat highlights this superb action adventure, considered to be one of the best made films in leg fighting! To determine which one of them possesses the best leg fighting technique, three kung fu experts embark on a series of competitions to see who's the ultimate kung fu master. THE HOT, THE COOL, AND THE VICIOUS is oriental combat at its best!

DAVID CHUNG, star of many classic Shaw Brothers films, and the great YUEN HSIAO-TIEN (Jackie Chan's Drunken Master) star in this kung fu bonanza set in China's warlord period. When a secret team is sent by the police to break up the revolutionaries and their arms movements, it will take more than just guns to annihilate them! SIX DIRECTIONS OF BOXING is wall-to-wall, hand-to-hand kung fu mayhem!

When a devastating drought threatens the very livelihood of the Shaolin Temple, two brothers from the monastery travel to other towns, hoping to collect charitable donations by exhibiting their martial arts skills. But when one of the brothers is killed by a Shaolin rebel, the remaining sibling is forced to trot a trail of deadly revenge instead. Filmed on location and starring monks from the actual Shaolin Temple, THE SHAOLIN BROTHERS is furious Shaolin Kung Fu vs Shaolin Kung Fu!

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