Funimation Entertainment Acquires the Comedy Live Action Movie “Daytime Drinking” from Stonework Film Productions

Flower Mound, TX (July 18, 2009) – FUNimation® Entertainment today announced that it has acquired DVD distribution rights to the live action comedy movie DAYTIME DRINKING from StONEwork Film Production.

The movie is by first time director NOH Young-seok and produced by StONEwork Film Production.

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Hyuk-jin hits a bar in Seoul with his friends. They decide to take a drunken trip to a festival in Joengseon, a small town out in the Korean countryside, to console his broken heart. They agree to leave first thing the next day.

However, when Hyuk-Jin gets off the bus the next afternoon, he finds out he's the only one that made the trip. He calls his friends, but they all had horrible hangovers and completely forgot. Worse, he quickly finds that the festival they were headed to was weeks ago, and the tiny beach town is shuttered- the shops aren't open, there are no other tourists there, and the beach is freezing cold. Hyuk-jin is truly, honestly, alone.

When one of his friends suggests Hyuk-jin wait for them at a hostel run by an old pal from college, he agrees. He seeks it out, not realizing that not only is the place he's sleeping in not the right hotel in the slightest, but that this is just the beginning of a very strange adventure.

Over the next few days, Hyuk-jin finds himself in a series of increasingly bizarre situations, most of them aided by the fact that, due to his respect for the etiquette of Korean drinking culture, Hyuk-jin finds it difficult to refuse a drink when someone offers him one. With his friends still saying they'll come, but not showing up, and his wallet gone, Hyuk-jin has to figure out how get out of what must surely be the world's worst hangover, get back to Seoul, and end his drunken odyssey.

FUNimation Entertainment will release DAYTIME DRINKING in 2010.

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