AnimeUSA 2009 Announces Musical Guest Quaff

ARLINGTON, VA – July 20, 2009 - AnimeUSA 2009 is pleased to announce that QUAFF will be attending the convention as its first musical guests of honor. Hailing from all parts of the known world and beyond; Tokyo, Hiroshima, France, America, and Celestial Heaven – according to the members themselves. This unique rock-rap group will perform in concert, and also be available throughout the weekend for autograph sessions, panels, and press interviews.

Formed in early 2001 by guitarist MAKITO, Quaff has had an amazing start. Like many bands starting out, the group preformed at a large number of live shows. However, with their distinctive sound and incredible stage presence, Quaff was able to garner enough fan support to skip the making of a first single and go straight into producing a full album in their very first year! For the next two years the group would go on to produce two more full albums. Followed by three singles, two mini-albums, a tour DVD and, in 2008, Quaff even released a 5 track album called “THE EXPLOSION” that will soon be available for release in the US!

Like every band, Quaff has had a few bumps along the way. In 2006, original guitarist NEMO-CHI left and was replaced by TAKUMA and the following year drummer YOSHIKAZU left and was replaced by HAL, giving the band their current line-up. However, despite these obstacles the band has not let anything get in their way and continue to capture audiences with their unparalleled sense of style and sound.

It is this sense that makes Quaff into the unique and highly addicting band that they are today. Combining two different sets of vocals, one “uta” (Melody) and the other “tuzuri” (Rap) are used to emphasize the beauty and complexity of the Japanese language. The band refers to their music as “Supreme melody and visual expression that will pierce your skull.” In many ways this is true, from the obvious vocal uses of “uta” and “tuzuri”, to the heavily guitar driven songs backed by the use of traditional Japanese drums and bamboo flute (shakuhachi), and their undeniable stage presences makes Quaff truly unforgettable.

Their ultimate goal is to express human emotion and presence through their music, to provoke emotions of the heart and mind within the listener. It is because of their ability to evoke these desired emotions into the listeners as they play their music that Quaff is able to connect with people from all over the world; proving that music truly is a form of art.

About AnimeUSA: 
AnimeUSA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to celebrating Japanese culture through anime and other visual media and related activities. Established in 1999, AnimeUSA has been one of the premiere anime conventions in Northern Virginia for the past 11 years. AnimeUSA 2009 will take place on November 20-22nd, at the Hyatt Regency at Crystal City in Arlington, VA.

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