Yamato USA Announces the Opening of Preorder for Its Fantasy Figure Gallery: The Touch of Ice by Luis Royo


Yamato USA Announces the Opening of Preorder for Its Fantasy Figure Gallery: The Touch of Ice by Luis Royo

TORRANCE, CA, November 10, 2009. Hinatunaone, Woman of the Sands. That is what he named her. Drawn by his own hand from the sands of a distant land, she appeared at once adorned as if waiting ever vigilant for her creator, her mate to come; yet at the same time invaded by a sense of privilege... and a touch of ice.

This winter, Yamato USA invites you to feel the simple, sensual touch of ice as it unveils the next installment to its Fantasy Figure Gallery - Touch of Ice by Luis Royo. Masterfully sculpted by Shunjii Hagii, Luis Royo's work is brought to life as never before. Every detail, every crease, every fold is rendered with such exquisite precision that one can almost reach out and touch the supple flesh of this ethereal beauty. Six inches crouching, Yamato USA's Fantasy Figure Gallery - Touch of Ice (Luis Royo) comes complete with numbered display base and certificate of authenticity in a collector's style window box with the first edition limited to just 2,500 pieces worldwide.

Yamato USA and its distribution partners Diamond Comics, AAA Anime, BBCW, and Grosnor Sportscards are now accepting retailer preorders for its Fantasy Figure Gallery: The Touch of Ice (Luis Royo), and will be available through retail partners Sideshow Collectibles, Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth, Hobby Fan, Bud Plant Comic Art, ChainLynx Studio, Crazy Cat Comics, Double Dragon, Kirin Enterprises, Razor Edge Collectibles, ToysLogic, and Toynk Toys.

For more information, contact your local comic shop or visit us at www.YamatoToysUSA.com. And stay up to date with Yamato USA on Twitter at http://twitter.com/YamatoUSA.


Luis Royo was born in 1954 in Olalla, a small town in Teruel. In 1972 he starts painting and exhibiting in various forums. In 1978 he begins his career as a comic-book artist. In 1983 he goes to illustration, where he will harvest his greatest successes.

In 1992 his first book, Women, appears, followed by Malefic (1994), Secrets (1996), III Millenium (1998), Dreams (1999), Prohibited Book (1999), Evolution (2001), Prohibition Book 2 (2001), Conceptions I (2002), Visions (2003), Prohibited Book 3 (2003), Conceptions II (2003), Prohibited Sketchbook (2004), Fantastic Art (2004), The Labyrinth Tarot (2004), and Conceptions III (2005). To these titles we must add the publication of six series of collector cards, six portfolios, posters, and two packs of Tarot cards, The Black Tarot and The Labyrinth Tarot.

The growing popularity of his pictures has allowed us to find them as well in postcards, calendars, packs of cards, T-shirts, CD jackets, videogames, and even on some sculptures.

With this large production, Royo becomes a true mass phenomenon. His books have been edited many times, being rendered into French, German, English, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese. Magazines such as Stampa, Airbrush-Action, or Penthouse publish articles about him in their pages. Festivals, art galleries, or stores specializing in art and comic-books continuously organize exhibitions and tributes to him. He has received, among others, the following awards: Silver Award Spectrum (USA), CartooMics (Italy), and The Pilgrim (Russia).

Royo's success is nothing but the acknowledgment of his original work which has come to revolutionize the world of illustration.


Yamato USA is the wholly owned subsidiary of Yamato Co., Ltd with headquarters in the otaku capital of the world, the Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan. For over ten years, Yamato USA has proudly served otaku on this side of the world with a wide offering of miniature collectible figures, PVC and die-cast action figures, as well as poly-resin and PVC statues inspired by the hottest titles in Japanese anime, manga, and video game properties. Yamato's original collections include Story! Image! Figure! collectible miniatures and trading figures and Story! Image! Figure! EX PVC statues, as well as its newest lines, Creators' Labo and Sculptors' Originals, highlighting the talents of the leading artists and sculptors working in Japan; The GN-U, a tribute to transforming super robots; and the explosive Project Dynamite. Nor to be overlooked are Yamato's Scopedog, Garland, and Motoslave engineering marvels from Armored Trooper Votoms, Megazone 23, and Bubblegum Crisis, some of the most impressive collectibles you will ever own! And now Yamato USA adds its own line of collectible figures with its Fantasy Figure Gallery, a groundbreaking union of East and West as the leading portrait sculptors of Asia bring to life the vision of legendary fantasy artists from Europe and the Americas to create resin quality PVC statues.

Contact Yamato USA at: 2771 Plaza Del Amo, Suite 806, Torrance, CA 90503
website: www.YamatoToysUSA.com

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