Funimation Entertainment Acquires “Kamui Gaiden” from Shochiku

Flower Mound, Texas (January 5, 2010) - FUNimation® Entertainment today announced that it has acquired home video, broadcast and theatrical rights to the live-action dramatic epic “Kamui ” from Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Produced by Shochiku Co. Ltd., Japan's leading studio, “Kamui“ was released as “Kamui Gaiden” in September 2009 in Japan. An adaptation of Sanpei Shirato's 1965 manga series of the same name, the movie is directed by Japanese Academy Award winner Yoichi Sai (“Chi to Hone”), written by Kankuro Kudo (“Ping Pong”) and stars Kenichi Matsuyama (“Detroit Metal City”, “Death Note”).

About Kamui Gaiden
It is 17th century Japan and Kamui is a Fugitive Ninja on the run. He despises the lethal laws of the Ninja where he must use his skills to kill others, and is in search for true freedom. However, he is now hunted by his fellow ninjas as they must eliminate him for his betrayal. In order to live, he must constantly fight for his life and distrust others. An incident brings him to a fisherman's family, where he finally starts to open up to other people. Meanwhile, those hunting him are setting their trap.

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About Shochiku
Founded in 1895, Shochiku has established itself as a leading entertainment firm. Shochiku produces, distributes, and exhibits motion pictures as well as TV programs and has also become a symbol of enduring tradition as the exclusive promoter of kabuki theater in Japan. Recent movie productions include "Departures", which was awarded for 81st Academy Award as Best Foreign Language Film. Shochiku's animation lineup includes "VEXILLE", "Summer Days with Coo", "Sketchbook", "Le Chevalier D'Eon", "Sengoku Basara" and more.

About FUNimation Entertainment
FUNimation® Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation, is the leading company for Japanese animation in the United States. FUNimation is known for acquiring top-rated anime series from Japan and for being the market share leader for home video sales of anime in the United States. The company has a proven formula for launching and advancing brands, and manages a full spectrum of rights for most of its brands including broadcasting, licensing, production, internet, and home video sales and distribution.

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