Live Online Role-Playing Game with Authors Peter Brett, Ari Marmell, Diana Rowland, and Jason Thompson


Who: Authors Jason Thompson (King of RPGs), Peter V. Brett (The Warded Man), Ari Marmell (The Conqueror's Shadow) and Diana Rowland (Blood of the Demon)
What: Live online role-playing game
When: TODAY, 2-4 PM EST
Where: (

Jason Thompson, author of the graphic novel series King of RPGs and a Level 14 Shaman/Oozemaster, will pit Random House fantasy authors Peter V. Brett, Ari Marmell, and Diana Rowland head-to-head in a live online role-playing game session. Joining the authors are three winners from Suvudu's King of RPGs “Tell Me About Your Character!” Contest. The two-hour session, hosted by, features a real-time adventure illustrated with artwork, and featuring characters from the King of RPGs graphic novel series.

About the authors:

PETER V. BRETT was raised on a steady diet of fantasy novels, comic books, and Dungeons & Dragons, and has been writing fantasy stories for as long as he can remember. He received a bachelor of arts degree in English literature and art history from the University at Buffalo in 1995, then worked for a decade in pharmaceutical publishing before returning to his bliss. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Danielle, their daughter, and two cats, Jinx and Max Powers.

ARI MARMELL decided while at the University of Houston that he wanted to be a writer, graduated with a Creative Writing degree, and—after holding down a couple of very mundane jobs, such as retail positions and an advertising proofreader—broke into freelance writing. He has an extensive history of writing for role-playing games, and has several shared-world novels and short stories in publication—including Agents of Artifice, a “Magic: the Gathering” novel—but The Conqueror's Shadow is his first wholly original published book. Ari currently lives in an apartment that's almost as cluttered as his subconscious, which he shares (the apartment, not the subconscious) with his wife, George, and two cats who really need some form of volume control installed.

DIANA ROWLAND attended college at Georgia Tech where she earned a BS in Applied Mathematics, and after graduation forgot everything about higher math as quickly as possible. She has worked as a bartender, a blackjack dealer, a pit boss, a street cop, a detective, a computer forensics specialist, a crime scene investigator, and a morgue assistant, which means that she's seen more than her share of what humans can do to each other and to themselves. She won the marksmanship award in her Police Academy class, has a black belt in Hapkido, has handled numerous dead bodies in various states of decomposition, and can't rollerblade to save her life. She presently lives in south Louisiana with her husband and her daughter where she is deeply grateful for the existence of air conditioning.

JASON THOMPSON has edited the English editions of many manga, including Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Z, Hana-Kimi, One Piece, Shaman King, YuYu Hakusho, Uzumaki, and Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei. His book Manga: The Complete Guide, an encyclopedia of over one thousand manga reviews, was nominated for a 2008 Eisner Award. His writings on manga have appeared in Wired Magazine, Shonen Jump, Otaku USA, The Comics Journal,,, and other sites and magazines.

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