Aya Takeo Volume I - Themes, Characters, Story


Love, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Courage, and Fair Play.


AYA (Colorful, Woven Silk)

On the day of Aya's birth, Aya's father, Lord Akira, was slain in battle. Aya's mother died days later -- grief stricken.

Raised in the distant Akira winter castle by faithful, but severe, retainers, Aya learned independence at an early age. Her only friend... Takeo, sole son of General Isamu who died fighting fiercely to protect Aya's father -- his beloved Lord.

The two children shared endless secrets and dreams in the many hidden places within the vast neglected gardens of Akira castle. From earliest age Aya had sworn to herself, always, to protect her beloved Takeo.

Aya's power - the art of cleaving matter with intricately woven cosmic strings - she learned on her own.

TAKEO (Warrior)

Takeo is a modest boy, unaware of his own formidable strengths. He worships Aya, practices relentlessly with his sword to protect his friend and only love from any and all danger. But deep in his heart Takeo wonders, how can Aya care for this lowly being that is Takeo?

JI GUMO (Spider)

Energy-hungry industrialists of a long extinct petroculture designed Ji-Gumo's forebears to harvest hydrocarbons to fuel their failing engines of commerce. Then... they unleashed them across the parallel universes.

But the spiders evolved, severed connection. They developed an insatiable taste for organic matter.

Like the wildcatters of old, Ji-Gumo is ever in search of the next great gusher of food and fuel.

In Aya's and Takeo's Land of the Rising Sun, Ji-Gumo and his swarm of robotic spiders find boundless reserves of succulent living flesh.


Set in a parallel universe quaintly reminisent of feudal Japan, Aya Takeo Volume I chronicles the star-crossed love of noble woman Aya Akira and her devoted admirer Takeo, who has pledged his life to protect Aya from any and all danger.

Aya's idylic realm is under attack by robotic spiders -- monsterous mechas.

Spider ships turn day to night. Luminous webs criss-cross the shadows, ensnare all who dare flee or fight. Takeo sacrifices himself to save Aya. And, now, that day haunts Aya's dreams and awakenings still-- Takeo's cocooned body dangling on a silvery thread, rising into the bowels of Ji-Gumo's ominous ship.

Will Takeo survive? And Aya-- what does fate hold for her? And their idyllic Realm-- is it forever doomed?

Aya Takeo is a story for our time set in a distant wrinkle of space where some things are familiar and others are forever surprising.

For more information and media resources: http://vol1.ayatakeo.com

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